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Barb and I were in Lynden Washington this weekend doing some hiking in the area. On Saturday afternoon we visited Just Desserts, Lynden Dutch Bakery and gorged on sweet stuff. Just a couple doors away was Dave’s Sports Shop. I wanted to do a little browsing and with Barb reporting a sugar buzz we went in.

Much to my surprise they had primers for sale. Customers were limited to two hundred primers per household so making a hundred mile drive for them isn’t going be be all that worthwhile::


And the prices were higher than I wanted to pay. The last time I bought primers, 7/21/2017, I paid $3.00/100. These were $12.95/100:


20210605_164134I did a little bit of measurement and calculating. At an average of 3.46 grains per CCI Small Rifle Primer those 100 primers weigh 0.7208 Troy Ounces. So at $12.95/100 plus the 8.7% sales tax the the primers are priced at $19.53/Troy-Ounce.

The current price of silver is $27.91/Troy-Ounce, so they are priced at 70% of their weight in silver.


5 thoughts on “Primers on the shelf

  1. Two sleeves per household per visit? Somehow this reminded me of the Jewish dietary rules about eating milk and meat at the same meal.
    If you had gone into the store and bought two sleeves, gone to lunch and returned two hours later, would that have been enough time in between purchases or would you have to wait another hour or two? I can only imagine what a Rabbi would think if this Goy (me, actually) called him to ask how much time has to elapse between milk and meat, and asking him to report his answer to a sporting goods Manager who doesn’t sell either one in his store.

  2. I’ve seen them recently for as much as 30 cents per primer, IIRC, but they were in stock, in the thousands! I hope people refrain from paying those prices. It’s socially irresponsible unless you’re desperate and no one is that desperatre to hand load, being that they can find loaded ammo for a little bit more.

    I recently bought a couple of new bullet molds, but soon realized that I shouldn’t be using them beyond a couple hundred bullets because I need my primer supply for other things.

    It is good to know that there are actual primers on shelves. Refuse to pay their price though! Wait!

  3. Locally I’ve seen them selling for $9/100. But they are almost impossible to find. As you said, pre panic I was getting them $30/1000 + hasmat + shipping. I.e. I was buying them 5000 at a time to reduce my overall costs.

    Even so, the cost was around $0.03/ea. I’ve seen ammoseek consistently show me listings at $0.20/ea and one company selling 5000 for $1399.

    If you have to have them, you can pay through the nose for them.

  4. And what did we hear from some commie the other day? Guns don’t kill people, bullets do. It was bound to happen.
    Just another vector for the CBS crew. (Conned By Satan). To work against team America.
    On a personal note my retirement portfolio just hit a growth spurt!

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