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Lee’s bill so far has no cosponsors, and it is unlikely to make much progress. But it reflects a broader mindset in the Democratic Party, which used to at least pay lip service to the Second Amendment but lately talks and acts as if it does not exist.

Jacob Sullum
February 5, 2021
This Draconian Bill Would Turn Millions of Peaceful Gun Owners Into Felons
[I see lots of chatter about this bill. I think it is best to save that energy for something else. President Biden has his own plans which have a much better chance of success than those of Representative Lee.

Give money to SAF and others who are engaged in the court battles protecting our rights. Contact your representatives and let them know how important respect of the Constitutional limits on government are to you, your community, your state, and the nation.

Other potentially useful activities might be to document your boating accidents, camouflaging your gun safe, and establishing relationships with people you meet at the range. Be creative and do what you are comfortable doing to prepare for and resist laws such as Lee’s if it does get passed sometime in the future.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jacob Sullum

  1. But so much for the argument still put forth today. That, no one wants to take away your guns?
    We just need common sense gun laws?
    Those BS lies are official now. Lee is a criminal under 241&242. And if someone does co-sponsor. They need to be in the cell next to her, he, it, whatever pronoun.
    Usurpation does not a government make.

    • Lee is constitutionally protected for what she says on the floor of Congress, including what she offers as a bill.

      There is, however, virtually no chance that she actually wrote that bill herself, or solely with the assistance of Congressional staff. The conspiracy was happening long before she walked into the Capitol building or any of the support offices.

      The Constitutional protection for statements made in Congress does not extend like a web from the Congressman or Senator to everyone they interact with on legislative matters.

      • Are you thinking of Sec.6 of the constitution as her protection?
        I think it says members are protected except in cases of, Treason, Felony, and Breach of the peace.
        2A says no infringement. It doesn’t specify any exemptions.
        Even though it doesn’t specify a penalty either. It’s obvious that putting forth a bill that one knows will deprive one’s public of their natural rights. And that the 2A was in fact wrote in the constitution as a restraint of power on the very office you occupy.
        Is in itself an act of treason, felony, and breach of the peace.
        That being said. I agree whole heartedly with all you say. But since no one is paying attention to the constitution anyway. Why can’t we just ignore it to, and drop their protection clause?

  2. Besides a form of Virtue Signalling™, ‘Draconian’ bills like this are usually political маскировка -maskirovka- deceptive ruses used to make the laws actually wanted seem more acceptable ( not that the gun grabbers in congress wouldn’t go orgasmic if this horse$#!+ did somehow pass )

    Sometime down the road, I think, we’ll see the ‘compromise’ bill rolled out, which will probably be a umpteenth rehash of the Universal Background Check, magazine ban, “Assault Weapon” ban etc, etc, etc.

    Standard operating practice by congresscritterz and, to me, more than a little insulting if they’re of the belief that the people can’t see through it.

  3. How come we see bills that turn peaceful gun owners into felons all the time, but seldom if ever see bills that turn felons into peaceful gun owners?

    What are the thermodynamics associated with this process?

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