548 MPH glider

This is incredible on so many dimensions:

  • The constant 60-80 G-loadings with spikes as high as 120 g.
  • The human reaction time with constantly changing orientation.
  • The high velocity so close to the ground.

For details read World’s fastest RC aircraft hits a stunning 548 mph – without a motor.

6 thoughts on “548 MPH glider

  1. That’s as fast as a speeding bullet or a jet airliner! A slow bullet to be sure, but still.

  2. That’s cool. Very interesting dynamics. I sent it to my nephew. He has a paragliding school. I’m sure he will put it to good use!

    • Look closely at the sky, about halfway between horizon and top of frame usually. Sometimes nothing is visible, then a white object appears, or a black one, moving fast. Some of the time you can see the shape (the line formed by the wings), sometimes it’s not so obvious.

      The amazing part to me is the gentle landing. I know a bit about fast skydiving parachutes (the smaller, the faster) but the more extreme they get the faster your landing approach is, and the more unforgiving for any small slipup in your approach path. (Personally, I like to stick to nice conservative ones; 25 mph or so is plenty fast for my taste.)

      • My nephew sent back to check out; dynamic soaring.
        good stuff. One needs to watch on big screen to keep up.

    • On my high resolution monitor (3840 x 2160) with the video in full screen mode I can see it fairly well. It’s making a loop essentially parallel to the left side of the mountain.

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