It’s a good start

Via David Hardy we have this list of laws infringing upon a fundamental human right which Everytown For Gun Safety fears will will be overturned by SCOTUS.

I would like to think the list is severely in error. But even if they are correct at least it would be a good start.

2 thoughts on “It’s a good start

  1. Well Dave, I don’t cipher real well. But the word “infringement” doesn’t seem that difficult. Maybe try Infogalactic for a definition? I know your just trying to make a living. Trying desperately to stay relevant.
    But you got to remember. For us rednecks. We don’t know nothing about no stink’in SCOTUS!

    • David Hardy is one of the good guys. He’s an 11 on a scale from zero to ten. He gets quoted by SCOTUS for reasons to vote in our favor.

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