This could get interesting

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I have to wonder how many NSA people will be indicted by various countries in the next few months. Of course, to the best of my knowledge, the NSA didn’t let their “tools” go wild and take down critical infrastructure in multiple countries.


4 thoughts on “This could get interesting

  1. It’ll get more lively when they start pinning Chinese names to malware code.

    The USA doesn’t really need anything from Russia, so there is little in the way of economic impact to making these charges. Even with the pull-backs and decoupling, China is still populating Amazon and Walmart warehouses. Until Brazil or Argentina or someone figures out how to replace China, in terms of worldwide manufacturing, there are certain things that should be done that shant be done.

    • Yes, that’s probably why the story of the Chinese official newspaper boss crowing on Twitter about how great it was that Trump got ChiCom virus didn’t go anywhere. If it had, someone would have realized it sounded like “hey, look how well our biowar system worked!” and concluded it called for serious action. Serious as in — to pick one possible approach — a total embargo on China. It would be interesting to contemplate how long the ChiCom dictatorship would remain alive if such a thing were actually done (and done rigorously).

  2. Biden jr’s laptop? What laptop? Hey! Look over there, at these Russians!!

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