Quote of the day—Mike Selinker

Republicans won’t be content with a win. They will burn every civil right they can find. Trump’s Hitler Youth-like “patriotic education” plan will become a reality. Gun control will become a remnant of history.

Mike Selinker
September 19, 2020
A wargame designer defines our four possible civil wars.
[There so many “interesting” things in this post:

  • Despite the 2nd Amendment and numerous SCOTUS rulings there is no hint that he is aware the right to keep and bear arms is a civil right.
  • The Democrat with their “hate speech” restrictions, anti-Christian attitudes, forced purchase of health insurance, statute destruction, college admission and employee racial quotas, gun licensing, “red flag” (no due process), and gun bans has, by far, the worst civil rights record. Those are just off the top of my head without looking at the massive number of regulations on business and our everyday life. And it’s not even going back to the Jim Crow laws and the KKK.
  • The scenarios examined in his article should have, at least, four different election possibilities. He leaves out possibility number 4:
    1) Biden landslide.
    2) Narrow Biden victory.
    3) Narrow Trump victory.
    4) Trump landslide.

The set of errors found in his article are so numerous and cover such a wide variety of topics that one is forced to conclude he is living in an alternate reality or is knowingly propagating evil.

Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike Selinker

  1. Reading articles like that, where the writer seems to be living in a different reality, is just scary. Either he is as delusional as he appears to me to be or I am as delusional as he seems to think I am. I’ve read quite a bit of history. I’ve read the founding literature of our country. I’ve read Solzhenitsyn and other Soviet Dissidents. I think I have some foundation for what I believe.

    This guy must know a little history, but he may have learned it only from a Marxist/Leftist perspective. I’ve read a little Marxist literature and even took a college class in Marxism from a very committed Stalinist (the guy had spent part of the Cold War in self imposed exile in Easter Europe). I’ve never found Marx or the rest of the left to be convincing, but some people seem to buy into it hook, line, and sinker.

    I don’t know how to resolve such wide differences without sliding into chaos or civil war. I do hope we can dodge that particular bullet, but how long can our luck hold out?

    • for many of the “rank and file” leftists, their ignorance of history is deep and wide, and heavily skewed by factual inaccuracies. The average leftist leader is heavily indoctrinated with wrongness, and knows much of it is wrong but doesn’t care, and pushes the false narrative knowingly. A subset of them are true believers. Here is a good video from a young woman who woke up from the plantation.

      • 45 minutes of extemporaneous speech with scarcely a hesitation. Hmmm, no thumbs up icon here.

  2. Selinker calls himself a wargame designer? Good lord, that’s a laugh. His work is schlock. I’m acquaintances with most of the really talented wargame designers such as Mark Herman, the late Richard Berg, Jim Dunnigan, Vance Borries, etc I know what real wargame designers look like.

    • Well, I can’t argue with a word you said. I believe that James Dunnigan designed the original Panzerblitz and Jutland before it. Both classics. Selinker’s Wikipedia page says that his Lone Shark company had a contest in association with Wired Magazine. “Runners” could be hunted down (non-lethally, it is implied, for a $7,500 prize. This is almost the same as the concept of the “Tenth Victim”, an Italian Movie from 1965 with Marcello Mastroianni and Ursula Andress. In the eighties there was a contest on college campuses of similar design.
      He’s living proof that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  3. Classic case of “projection”, where the left accuses their opposition of the things they are either planning on doing or are actively engaged in. A method of distracting the simple minded. Most on the left are fully aware that of the lies they are propagating, they simply DO NOT CARE. To the left only one rule exists….WIN! By any and all means required, thus a lie is only a lie when
    SOMEONE ELSE utters it….not their side. I suspect however the author of this
    screed is a member of the lefts ‘cannon fodder’ squad. One of the true believers who is simply TOO STUPID to grasp reality and who truly believes heart and soul the garbage that has been shoveled into the vacuum between his ears.
    He will be among the first up against the wall and shot if the left ever achieves the level of power they seek because he is USELESS. A NON productive person who brings nothing of value to them and who would pose a threat to them when he fully realizes that those he has been serving have duped him. In short a typical brain dead leftist stooge. Stalin and his associated murdered tens of thousands just like him.

  4. That was interesting. In spite of his multitude of historical errors and unstoppable need to blame Trump (and Putin???) for all the ills of the world, he isn’t necessarily wrong about the scenarios and he is far from the only one projecting a dire outcome no matter what the election results are. The problem is that there is not a single people here but a geographic place occupied by mutually hostile tribes. If not this year, this will blow up eventually unless the Republican surrender monkeys get their way and then we have another problem.

    Ask yourself what it is that makes America exceptional. Is it magic dirt? Is it a people that is more virtuous than others, remembering that we have lots of people like Selinker. My answer is the Constitution, that incomparable gift from the Founders. If the Left wins, they will dismantle the Constitution with glee. They have told us that. However, if we win we can not do so without doing major damage to the Constitution ourselves because of what we will have to do to win. Like Lincoln. This is why I have long argued for the National Divorce where the Constitution can be preserved in part of the country while the leftist parts devolve into Venezuela North.

    • It seems to me you’ve hit on both solutions. If you can’t bring yourself to live by the constitution. You get deported to the 3rd. world commie shithole of our choice. Never to return under the penalty of death.
      We can just send out a questionnaire about the constitution and American history to every politician. Those not answering. Or failing the test get “processed”.
      Wow, this wargaming stuff is fun!

  5. “The set of errors found in his article are so numerous and cover such a wide variety of topics that one is forced to conclude he is living in an alternate reality or is knowingly propagating evil.”

    Embrace the healing power of AND.

    SJWs always lie.
    SJWs always project.
    SJWs always double down.

    • Social Justice WHINER. As soon as his tribe loses to liberty and the rule of law and the Constitution, the whining will begin, with more lies. He can’t help it, he’s a SJW.

  6. 5) Trump victory followed by weeks of Democrats ‘Finding’ ‘Lost’ ballots, that ‘must’ be counted.

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