Quote of the day—Rep. Sean Casten

Having small genitals is not sufficient reason to own a gun.

Rep. Sean Casten
August 2020
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Tooted by Omri on August 25, 2020 with a link to Democrat Congressman Blames Gun Ownership on ‘Small Genitals’—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rep. Sean Casten

  1. Hey, what else you going to say when your Maoist brain-trust is bringing skateboards to gun fights? And a 17 yr. old kid is dropping the best your army of pedo’s has to offer?
    Maybe he will get real brainy, and tell that to his security detail? Make them carry skateboards.
    In this day and age, I’m happy to be stuck with a little dick. And a big gun. And thankful I’m not stuck with a Casten size brain.
    We don’t need to fight their rioter’s. Get rid of the Castens of the world, and the rest will starve to death naturally.

  2. Does he know that Illinois has officially taken the number one spot in the nation for the total number of firearm background checks for 2020.

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