Kyle Drill & Kyle Drill Mod 1

Via daughter Jaime:

It’s a little cheesy and I don’t like the photographer/range-officer being down range. But I do like the concept.

For people that have actually shot in competition seeing what Kyle Rittenhouse accomplished was absolutely incredible. Several moving “targets” closing in from multiple angles, throwing things at you, kicking you in the head, and hitting you in the head with a skateboard is way, way, over the top of any “practical shooting” competition I have ever participated in or heard of.


3 thoughts on “Kyle Drill & Kyle Drill Mod 1

  1. Not just getting stopping hits so quickly while disadvantaged and under attack…

    I have not heard of a single report of any innocent collateral damage from Kyle’s shots.

    NYPD needs to hire him as a firearms trainer.

    • That he was able to so readily understand that the threat was over, stand up, and walk to safety shows a tremendous amount of tactical awareness on his part.

      Literally this kid could not have handled the situation any better than he did.

  2. Not sure what the point of this drill is, other than to get a better understanding of what Rittenhouse was going through.

    If they wanted to tighten it up to make the drill more useful, then they should ditch trying to emulate the specific round count and make all shots either 2 or 4 rounds on each target, as well as dump the derpy “shoot the bicep” bit and change that to just “shots center of mass.” Mandating that you shoot an off-center target like that is simply bad training, and I would imagine Kyle was not specifically aiming at the perpetrator’s arm.

    Shooting from the awkward sitting position is an interesting idea, though, as it would likely present some odd adjustments you’d have to make. Likewise, incorporating the somewhat extended running/aerobic element into it is a very good idea, especially since it’s something that isn’t seen often in range drills or even competition like USPSA.

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