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Their strategy uses a lot of brinksmanship. They always take situations to a breaking point, but never allow them to reaching a state of total chaos or collapse.

Their idea is to induce a political change, not to destroy country. And if you are at the receiving end, It feels like its the end of the world, but really its not. That’s  just their psyop campaign driving people crazy.

Think of 4G warfare like a political neutron bomb. The basic goal is to burn, discredit and besmirch the government actors to such a level that they have no choice other than to throw down hard or to resign. Since throwing down means shooting people, mass arrests, and free helicopter rides, most modern democracies choose not to go there, so they resign and the socialists put their own people in.

June 9, 2020
The Great Bolivian Bogaloo of 2019
[Sound familiar?—Joe]


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  1. Yeah, sounds familiar. Sounds like Dinkins’ NYC.

    We’re going to have to go to a Broken Windows Theory mode of operation to get back to normal. For example, jaywalking or obstruction of traffic charges for anyone that goes into the lanes of traffic during a “peaceful protest”. Littering charges for anyone dropping debris. No more implicit “protest exceptions” to quality of life laws.

    Yeah, it’s going to be penny ante stuff, but would you rather people get $40 fines, or the level of force necessary to constrain the Marxists’ current arson, assault, battery and property destruction tactics?

    • Really? Write protesters tickets? Their trying to burn police /court building down now. Go for it. I’ll watch.

      • As Boris said below, we’re months too far along for that.

        We’re going to need a hard reset back to “peacefully assemble means 100% non-criminal” before we can start again at “you get a polite verbal warning, an assertive verbal warning, then your choice of a ticket or a hickory shampoo” enforcement.

    • That might have worked a couple of months ago.

      As of today, though, mobs move immediately to burn/loot/throw bricks, as evidenced by Kenosha, WI. That’s the new starting point.

      I’m choosing to not answer your final question at this time.

    • Riots should be addressed with shotguns loaded with buckshot.

      There are no “peaceful protests” now. There are only shows of force. Those get water cannons and mass arrests.

  2. Thanks Joe! It’s good to read of how it plays out in other countries. I think the communist are going to have a harder fight here. They still maintain political cover. But that’s beginning to wane.
    I think the ticket here will be to hold them in their political bubbles. Meaning, if it can’t get out of Portland, it will be perceived as Portland’s problem. Not a national one by the silent majority. If they can’t cow the ‘burb’s, their in trouble.
    Just as the author talked about people feeling alone. Anti/BLM can’t take the losses. Communism requires constant expansion.
    I look for sabotage op’s after the Trump’s re-election. Because pissed off loser’s will want to flip the board game over.

  3. Was just thinking that the leftists aren’t going to like it when the police et al decide to go weapons-free in the case of violent confrontations. Remember Justinian and the Nike riots.

  4. Terms like “The strategy”, “Their idea” and “The basic goal” all of course point to a conspiracy. A hierarchical organization, with planners and strategizers, with a single leader, or prince, at the top of the pyramid. And yet we are currently far, far away from the notion of ferreting out the ring leaders, arresting them, trying them and executing them.

    I don’t believe we (Mankind) will ever get to that stage either. Not ever. We are as a people psychologically incapable of facing up to it. For one thing, the flag-waving, MAGA hat-wearing patriots would have to come to terms with the fact that their own party is as complicit in the conspiracy, even at its highest levels (or especially at its highest levels), as the rest of them. Also the….what do you call them….”evangelicals”, the “mega-churches”, the “charismatics” and so on would have to come to terms with the fact that their organizations too are complicit.

    When you’re all-in for “your side”, emotionally bonded to it, maybe even sworn to it and financially connected to it, and it turns out that “your side” has been in bed with the enemy all along, the shock of it is too much to bear and you’ll be incapable of processing even the most obvious proofs that you’ve been duped into supporting and promoting the means to your own destruction. No one wants to ever believe that they’ve been played to such an extent, so instead we tend to make up all manner of rationalizations in the attempt to keep the previously sweet illusions alive. After all, in first entering into the illusions we may have felt as though we were waking up for the first time. And the serpent did say, by way of seducing Eve into corruption, “….your eyes will be opened and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:5

    And of course our own pride, or sense of self-worth, depends on those illusions. They’re now like a drug (or wine, which in prophetic terms represents doctrine) to which we are easily addicted.

    “…and ALL the world wondered after the beast” (emphasis mine) Revelation 13

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