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An august group of feminists — including America’s most audacious abortion advocates — joined Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, to form the “We Have Her Back” coalition and lobby the media for “anti-sexist” coverage of the Democratic vice presidential selection. The establishment media received a list of don’ts: Don’t question her attractiveness, her ambition, her experience, her likability, her electability or her qualifications.

Kamala Harris can say thank you. But do Democrats really need to lobby fellow Democrats?

We can engage in a two-minute laugh when we think about John McCain’s unveiling of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential nominee just before the 2008 Republican convention. The feminists of the press betrayed pretty much the whole list.

Everyone who watches the left-wing media can see that you can be intensely sexist toward Sarah Palin and no one will ever apologize. To them, conservative Blacks aren’t really Black; conservative Latinos aren’t really Latino; and conservative women aren’t really women.

Tim Graham
August 13, 2020
Left-wing media owes Sarah Palin host of apologies
[While there are a lot of things politicians can get away with hypocrisy is one of the things that will cause the most trouble.

Democrats are far more vulnerable on this than their competitors. If you want democrats to lose votes point this out to their supporters.—Joe]


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  1. As you’ve noted before, there’s not enough kneeling you can do. It doesn’t matter that they are ostensibly, “on the same side.” Once more power is granted, more power will be demanded.

    Meanwhile, there are real women out there who are really empowering women.
    I’m pretty sure Tanisha Moner waste much time debating whether or not she’s been sufficiently empowered.

  2. Charges of hypocrisy have no effect on Democrats, and haven’t worked at any point in the last 30 years. They don’t care. Hypocrisy depends on logic, and they eschew that particular habit.

    I can simplify part of the article – Democrats don’t consider conservative people to be people.

    • Doesn’t even have to be conservative. Anyone who disagrees with them on ANY point of doctrine, and doesn’t change direction with the rest of the starlings when the flock changes direction randomly (while voicing loudly that they have ALWAYS been flying that direction, of course) is instantly dehumanized. Assert they are a Nazi, and it’s OK to punch a Nazi. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      Sorry, Joe, you missed this one. A charge of hypocrisy requires a comparison over time and logic, and it’s always year zero for the political left, and logic requires logic circuits not in evidence. It only works against conservatives, who (in theory) are trying to conserve past institutions, which requires the ability to understand time and remember past events.

        • My experience with average Dem voters is that when you point out their position / action hypocrisy and contradiction, or even that of their party and leaders, they tend to shut down and run away or hurl accusations to deflect and avoid the issue much more often than think critically and recognize it. Sometimes, but not often.

  3. I can see some faint justification for not questioning her attractiveness (if that is referring to pulchritude rather than political attractiveness) or her likability. But the others, especially “qualifications” — to claim those are out of bounds is a Stalinist attitude.

  4. Since the commie’s have set the precedent of decency in political matters long ago. Kamala Harris is:
    Willie Brown’s Hoe. The only difference between her an her cum-patriots at Hunters Point is the price!
    Sorry, I see no reason to be civil to people that want me dead.

  5. Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue. But when you don’t even recognize the concept of virtue, you can’t be shamed by having hypocrisy pointed out. It is simply a waste of time to point at leftist hypocrisy.

  6. I have two litmus tests for Leftists, which they always fail. So logic and hypocrisy are clearly their modus operandi.

    1. The Second Amendment. The People. Armed. Government not allowed to interfere.

    Response: Ban all the guns!

    2. Murder by Abortion. Is it human (e.g. DNA) or Big Foot, a Space Alien, or a Unicorn? Is it alive (e.g. cellular respiration, division, growth, differentiation)? Is it innocent?

    Response: It is the woman’s choice (i.e. no input from the man) without any substantial justification to kill it!

  7. Of course those demo-operatives will have her back – because she’s spent or will be spending most of her time on her knees in front of them…

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