Quote of the day—Kimberly Klacik (@kimKBaltimore)

[The video has almost 10 million views. I see the possibility of the Democrats having epic losses.—Joe]


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  1. It’s a good ad, but she is very unlikely to win.
    Blacks really are stupid, and they really will vote Democrat no matter what.
    They’ve been taught to be stupid Democrats since birth. They’ve never seen anything else. And if they speak up, they will be shamed, fired, beaten, and possibly killed. Because that is the Democrat way.

  2. I see the possibility of the Democrats having committing epic losses vote fraud.

    I’m hoping it’s still not enough to drag their stinking carcasses across the line.

    I think they know this too, which is why they appear to be angling to have the election outcome cast in doubt, so as to delegitimize the winners. That is why vote-by-mail is so important to them: the USPS endorses Biden, they scan every piece of mail, and they are likely to have a database of likely or known voting paterns to compare each one too. They know which votes to “lose.”

  3. It’s a memorable video, and well done, but she seems not to have any historical perspective on any of this, nor does she offer any solutions. You can’t just say “Democrats Bad”. That’s not an ideology. Nor is “Red Dress Good”. Sorry, but a shapely woman strutting through a wrecked city in makeup, a red dress and high heels doesn’t exactly say “This is a person with wisdom, serious, and with a solid plan to implement a proven ideology”. She avoided the very subject of ideology, and so the question, “If she wins, what happens then?” remains totally unaddressed. She’s cute and she identified the party which has been destroying the inner cities, especially black inner city culture. So…what?

    And so while the Blexit movement may be successful in getting black people to exit the Democratic Party in droves, and I think it’s quite possible, it will be “out of the frying pan, into the fire” because the Republican Party has nothing whatsoever to offer but an alternative path to totalitarianism, tailor-made to appeal to a different demographic or a different emotional state.

    So we could even fight a civil war between Democrats and Republicans (just like the last one), and it’ll be a contest between the party of the Great Society, QE and Obama Care, verses the party of the EPA, Patriot Act, QE and Trump Stimulus on the other. Forgive me for not being the slightest bit concerned over who wins elections, seeing it as a false dichotomy and a false choice.

    Neither party would ever accept an America restored to her founding principles. Neither party would ever accept viewing the races and classes exactly the same under the law. No welfare system? No income tax, no department of this or department of that? Government limited to its original constitutional functions? Hah! Republicans, and Democrats would join forces in an instant, and murder or do whatever else is necessary to prevent that from happening, should it ever appear imminent, which is totally isn’t.

    And so it comes down to which of the two, thoroughly corrupt political parties you want; the more radical communists, or the slightly less radical communists with a touch of fake Christianity (and thus blatant hypocrisy) thrown in. The godless communist flag-burning revolutionaries, or the Progressive Marxist Keynesians waving American flags and wearing gold crosses. Either one leads us to the same place.

    Given the fact that liberty is never on the ballot, why vote? You’d only be adding some degree of legitimacy, some authorization, to an illegitimate and indeed felonious system. You’re saying, “Yes; I want this felonious system. Count me as a part of it and a signatory to it. Let it be recorded for posterity that I approved of it.”

    So while it is perfectly alright and wise to say, “Get out of the Democrat Party”, it is a dangerously incomplete message. It needs to be followed up with, “…and get out of Babylon altogether! Come out of her, my people!”

    • Are you saying that our enemy is the borg and since we’re already infected we’re just arguing over the spoils?

      If so, I tend to agree. This election is a choice between the bonkers and the totally bonkers. Regardless of the outcome, our future is MMT with a chaser of chaos.

    • I think you are half-right. You make some very valid criticisms, but I’d argue that the first step in starting a journey to the north is to stop walking south. If all she does it get traditionally Dem voters to more accurately recognizes the cause of the problem, it’s a win, if only a small one in a small battle. I’d agree I do not get the mania that seems to overtake white conservatives for black conservatives, especially female ones like Candice Owens, but if it helps one flank in the battle for hearts and minds, I’ll take it. Shes not my perfect candidate, but better than the alternatives.

      • Incrementalism works. How do I know? Because that’s how we got from Grover Cleveland to Obama/Harris. Lots of little steps and a few bigger ones here and there, over time. No one wants radical change. The only way to go is to make little changes and build on them over time to make things better, all the while keeping in mind a vision of what better might look like.

  4. How well the Demonrats do in November will be determine SOLELY by the breadth, depth and scope of their VOTER FRAUD mechanisms. Facts, truth, reality….all are irrelevant. If the “mail in ballot” insanity is allowed to be the de jour method of voting in November expect them to win virtually EVERY RACE on EVERY BALLOT.
    The “mail in ballot” system has been configured to allow COMPLICIT criminals in the USPS and other strategic places to see BY COLORED ENVELOPE which vote is GOP and which vote is DEMONRAT (independent/nonpartisan ballots are not enough to be relevant). Expect MASSIVE numbers of GOP ballots to disappear and MASSIVE numbers of fraudulent Demonrat ballots to magically appear. Because the USPS Union and most of it’s members ARE COMMIE DEMONRATS who openly support Biden “mail in ballots” will make cheating quite literally childs play….and IT WILL HAPPEN on a scale never before dreamt of.

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