Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

The Second Amendment, ultimately. That’s what it’s for.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on August 17, 2020
[This was in response to a question about what is the defense against Coup V2.0 after the November election when President Trump is elected to a second term..

Prepare yourselves.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

  1. It is interesting that the two major political parties in the United States are each accusing one another, in advance, of stealing an election which is yet months away.

    It’s clear to me that they (leaders of both parties and of the mass media) want confusion, anger, frustration, hate, conflict, fear, violence and chaos to rule ths nation, at least until we’ve had enough and are then ready to accept their alternative.

    The second amendment? Where does that come in? Well of course mass killing had become an art from well prior to the advent of gun powder.

    We’ve already seen the Romish leftists and Jesuit-trained agitators rolling out the guillotines to flaunt them in the streets. I suppose you’ll know that we’ve truly been in French Revolution V2 when they find a street whore, declare her the Goddess of Reason, put her up in Notre Dame Cathedral and bow down to her in worship.

    But of course we already have stuff along the same lines and spirit happening. So we’re pretty much there. And again, please notice that the supposedly secular society in which we live is not really secular at all. It’s merely a different theology, set up in direct opposition to the Biblical message.

  2. I think Soro has that baked in. How does one fight against a coup in the middle of a free-for-all, shit-show? And does one go fight, when the enemy is everywhere and no where, all the time? Turn off the lights, and block a few freeways and you’ll be lucky to keep the block you live on civil. Let alone change things in DC.
    Just who are we going to fight to return our nation to a constitutional republic? That depends on a moral people, and is wholly unsuited for any other?

      • I used to think the same thing, but there’s a problem.
        They’ll come for you later, especially once any support network you might have had is gone.
        No, there needs to be organization. The wannabe overlords are currently trying to squash any right organization there is, because they fear it the most.

        • Yes, but if you go deep enough the law of diminishing returns sets in. They can’t just seize power, they have to hold onto it, and that becomes difficult to do when they are spending time and money chasing around a handful of faraway malcontents.

          I contend this is absolutely a valid long-term strategy, with ample historical precedent.

    • First of all, make a list. A mental one if not a physical one, of who the people are that are causing the problems. The obvious ones are the elected leaders who support the shit-show. But also their enablers from the top down. The Party apparatchiks. The bureaucratic department heads that write and enforce the rules. Just about anyone in HR of a large / converged / left-wing organization. The school boards who promulgate lies and warped standards that brainwashed a generation or two, and the top levels of the political machinery that support them (especially teacher’s union sorts). The same for every major government and large political organization.

      If someone talks about “systemic racism,” remind them that these people listed above are the cause, because THEY ARE THE SYSTEM. If it comes to a shooting-type civil war (and I fervently hope it doesn’t), then they are indisputably the cause. Not just the folks who are in those positions when the shooting starts. Everyone who has held those jobs for the previous fifty years. Otherwise a full accounting for those who caused it cannot be made. Yes, that’s a lot of names. But civil war are rarely nice, neat, tidy affairs where a couple of checks are cut and it’s all groovy.

  3. In those circumstances, people will follow power. Good or bad, won’t matter.
    Power and food matter.
    And we will no longer be the worlds superpower. Which was the end game all along. The dollar will be worthless against any commodity your trying to purchase with it.
    How it shakes out in your personal situation time will tell. God’s speed to us all.

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