How to hide your gun from socialists

Via daughter Kim:


Yup. Thomas Sowell is extremely toxic to socialists.


7 thoughts on “How to hide your gun from socialists

  1. When they grab the book to throw it on the burn pile, they might find the gun.

    Maybe use a Noam Chomsky or Saul Alinsky book; the socialists all approve of it already, and certainly won’t try to burn it, so they might just leave it alone.

    Hmm; so what is the one book they’d most likely ignore? Ah, a dictionary? Or maybe a book about basic physics.

    It’s hard to say. Socialists are notorious book burners, going back at least to the Dark Ages, so just about any book is a candidate for targed destruction. In an increasingly totalitarian regime everything becomes political and nothing is too innocuous or obvious or un-controversial to escape their ire. A dictionary, having the simple and clear definitions of “black”, “white”, “up”, “down”, “male” and “female” could be especially offensive to the average socialist nowadays. The very notion that words might actually mean things is offensive to a socialist!

    There’s little point in hiding from socialists anyway. Hiding only shows them they’re in charge and that you fear them– Two untruths: two tactical errors. No no no; THEY, the socialists, progressive communist revolutionaries, papists and rapists, Marxist agitators, et al, are the ones who’ll be needing to hide! And hide they will. They’ll be crying out for the stones to fall on them and hide them!

  2. re: hiding

    pvc tubing or pipe with caps for the ends, lots of desiccants to go inside the tube to prevent rust, or something along the line of cosmoline. mil c 11796c, class 3. seal the caps w/ pipe dope, the blue stuff.

    captain witold pilecki hits the nail on the head, however.

    • They’d have to be buried directly underneath the cast iron sewer pipe in your back yard.

  3. Windy, just stop by your local junk yard, buy many lengths of rusty reo-bar, about 30″ long. Use one length of steel against the end of the first section to hammer it roughly level to the surface, but deep enough to discourage scratching. If you get serious enough, the gun-grabbers will need to expend much sweat for nothing! Whatever else you plant in your garden is surely your business.

  4. Occurs to me… you could do the same with a hardbound copy of Atlas Shrugged.

    It’s thick enough for a doublestack pistol.

    You could even still read it if you stick to a single-stack, and just hollow out the pages for that long John Galt monologue that nobody ever finishes reading because they skip over to the next chapter after about 10 pages of going on and on with sixty pages to go.

    You could probably make a pretty good showing at Shot Show with Book Safes, and a selection of leather bindings and properly fitting dust covers for customization.

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