9 thoughts on “Joe Biden on Gun Control

  1. Not that Joe isn’t a gun bigot. But at this stage in his dementia, They aren’t his policies anymore. Their Obama’s. He would have put in Susan Rice. She has to much baggage. So, drop in a political prostitute. Harris. It will be Harris that gets the heat. And Obama’s crew will be back in the white house handling all the details. With nothing to lose.
    Gun policies? Everything is on the table. Expect no mercy from any quarter. And cavalry ain’t coming. Not a lie untold or an arm untwisted in a Biden presidency.
    The daily outrages that came from the Obama admin. Will tripe under Biden/Harris. With fake news cheerleading us into New Mexistan
    How did Alinsky put it? Overwhelm the system?
    No malarkey about it!

  2. Ammo.com underplayed the impact. Saying registration is an added hurdle under the NFA is a massive understatement. Getting Title I semi-autos under the NFA is the Democratic Wet Dream of Gun Control. That is almost as good as a true ban once the full impact of what that means hits home with existing and future gun owners. The entire point of doing that is to encumber gun ownership so much that people will give up on it as a casual or cultural practice.

    People bitch now about CA and a 10 day waiting period and training that was supposed to apply to “those people”. Not these new first-time gun owners concerned about their personal safety. Many get angry at the indignity, in their mind, of this invasive process.

    Now tell them they’ll have to buy the gun they want now in full, get photos and fingerprints, pay a $200 transfer tax on top of the purchase price and wait a year before they can come and take their gun home. And then tell them they can’t transport their gun across State lines without permission and failure to keep the tax stamp available for inspection can land them 10 years in prison and/or a 250K fine.

    I suspect most people would halt the conversation at the $200 transfer tax or the year long background check and decide the black market is quicker or go without. Most will go without. Which is the whole point of NFA’ing common semi-autos.

    Of course, those ignorant of the NFA don’t know the endgame which is simply to repeat FOPA’86 and close the registry to new registrations once the Democrats think they can get away with it.

    Voila! Gun ownership that is legal on paper, they can point to the dedicated, ordinary citizens as legal gun owners but in reality within a generation or two at most guns are effectively banned and can be rounded up piecemeal as their owners die off and the heirs want nothing to do with the NFA just as finding Grandpa’s old WW2 machine gun bringback does today.

    • Aren’t there a number of states where NFA items are flat out illegal? Or is that just for some of them? I know there are states that outlaw suppressors.
      I noticed the ammo.com analysis mentioned a ban on online sales of “…ammunition, … or gun parts”. I guess that means I won’t be allowed to buy screws online? Or springs? It’s a bit reminiscent of a recent bill to outlaw machines that can build ghost guns — better known as “milling machines”.

      • Most NFA stuff is illegal here in Delaware. I used to erroneously think all NFA was illegal, but there’s something that isn’t, SBR’s I think are ok here.

    • Bingo. Make it as difficult, expensive, and as much of a dangerous legal mindfield as possible and the vast majority just don’t exercise the right.

      We have “may issue” CCDW here, one requirement of which is printing an ad in the local newspaper, your full name and home address along with a statement that you do intend to apply for a permit to carry a concealed deadly weapon.

      I am 100% sure that people who want to get a carry permit abort the process once they see that. I know a lady who has her permit now, but who delayed applying for years because of that requirement. She was a black lady who lived in a rough neighborhood and and asked me to help her with buying her first gun and walking her through the CCDW process.

      • How in the bloody hell is requiring a public, printed statement legal? It’s tantamount to saying “I’ve got guns, come and rob me!” Talk about a chilling effect on exercising a basic human right.

        • I wonder if that would run afoul of the ‘attractive nuisance’ precedent as well.

      • I know of various retarded states, but I didn’t know that any were so massively defective as that. Which state are you talking about, Mike?

  3. The Biden POS said he would make the fake Mexican, Robert Francis O’Rourke, his gun control czar. Enough said. They can never be put into those positions of power.

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