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Vasily Blokhin. Soviet executioner at Katyn. His count of 7,000 shot in 28 days remains the most organized and protracted mass murder by a single individual on record. Somewhere in Portland, his successor rises.

GOFORBROKE231 @goforbroke231
Tweeted on August 7, 2020
[The conclusion is plausible. It’s the communist way.

I wish Portland law enforcement (this includes the prosecutors and judges) would do their jobs.and put the terrorists away for a decade or so. The more they let the problem fester the more blood that will ultimately be shed. The weak government response is so eerily like the government response to the Nazi brown shirts in the 1930s.

As a side note, just think about those numbers. 7,000 people murdered in 28 days. Assuming eight hours per day that’s more than one person every two minutes.

Be prepared to respond appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. It’s funny. You point out that it’s totally insane for any reasonable person to allow the rioting, looting, and violence to continue, and just about every ordinary voter, left and right, generally agrees. But you point out that means that a significant portion of the critical decision-action nodes in governments that permit it are therefore insane or controlled/compromised, and they look at you like you are the crazy one. Things are not as they appear to be.

  2. Yeah; “I wish Portland law enforcement (this includes the prosecutors and judges) would do their jobs.and put the terrorists away…The more they let the problem fester…The weak government response…”

    There’s still a bit of a disconnect on display in those responses.

    The underlying assumption is that our government wants the Marxist agitation movements to stop, and yet every indicator says otherwise. Every significant indicator is that forces within our government, although there are a few weak and ineffectual counter examples, significantly support these uprisings, and indeed created them.

    One big advantage that evil has over us is that its blatant, bold, brash, bodacious and often entirely overt operations can proceed unimpeded for long periods of time, while we vacillate, staggering and stumbling in our own disbelief. We’re unwilling to see what our eyes and ears (and even the enemy himself) are telling us. One minute we can read about in history, and believe it, and then look out the window and see it happening and yet still not recognize it for what it is; a top-down, pyramidal, hierarchical operation, and NOT an up-swelling, grass-roots movement.

    Evil succeeds while we lock ourselves up in the sclerosis of our own disbelief and confusion. The looters, and their masters in positions of authority and title, run roughshod over us while we repeatedly ask ourselves, 1. “How could anyone DO that?” and, 2. “Why don’t the police do their job?” Most of us never get past the questioning phase into the decision-making phase.

    To help that along, the answers;
    1. They hate you for your discernment, and your morals, and they covet both your worldly goods and your personal autonomy, or liberty. They hate knowing that you’re alive at all, because you can see, and therefore discern and judge, their evil.
    2. Their job is to take your stuff, confuse you, anger you, turn you into a hater, utterly dehumanize and humiliate you and then kill you (in short, to make you like them; the walking dead), and so they are doing their job. It’s just not the job you thought it was. So get over it and stop asking why.

    So long as we’re vacillating in a state of incredulity, this self-made confusion, this unwillingness to see reality, the powers that be will continue to succeed just as they’ve been succeeding for generations. And so it will proceed, until it gets so bad that our various mechanisms of self-confusion and denial can no longer function. Of course the enemy is always several steps ahead of us, and knows very well how to maintain our incredulity, and so most of us will die before we acknowledge what has been happening to us. To acknowledge that would be to acknowledge the solution, and that’s too uncomfortable, too foreign.

    The solution of course is Jesus Christ, the Gospel message, His plan of salvation, but no one wants to hear THAT. We’re too advanced. Too sophisticated and too “enlightened”. Instead we want to solve our problems ourselves. Perhaps for our own glory? A gold star on the wall beside our name?

    And so the story repeats, over and over and over again, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12 KJV. Paul knew very well of that which he spoke– He had come from that very system of evil which he describes. He was a recent defector.

    Today’s deadly fallacy, same as ever, pretty much, is that we can solve that problem using science, technology, Greek philosophy and suchlike, as though it were a mechanical or logic puzzle which only needs the right application of our own cleverness.

    The world doesn’t need more scientists, logicians or philosophers, or even priests, to solve this particular problem. Besides; we now see that they’re as thoroughly corruptible as anyone. Instead, the world needs more defectors, along the type of Paul.

    • So… how would this work? How many people have to accept Jesus Christ and the Gospel Message before the Marxist stop trying to destroy the world? And what is the mechanism by which this action effects the change in the Marxists?

      • That’s the same thing the Pharisees asked Jesus, essentially. They wanted their Messiah to be a religio-political and military leader, something David on steroids, who would rally the troops, smash their oppressors and set up His kingdom on Earth.

        That’s not how this works, but of course the more people who have the truth, the harder it is for the forces of evil to fool people into accepting the false systems; the fewer will be swayed by the deceptions.

        The ultimate solution will NOT come by the hand of man, not in this century anymore than in previous ones, but that doesn’t mean we have no role to play. Our role is to sound the warning; drawing the distinctions between the false systems (which always end in disaster) and the real one, founded in God’s law and justice, tempered by mercy, with the ultimate result being life and liberty, free from the deprivations of evil.

        It’s a large pill to swallow, of course, but as has been said; when tyranny rules the world, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act. It’s radical, it’s foreign, and even seems ridiculous by comparison to existing paradigms.

        The Jews of two thousand years ago had all the information, and the prophesies in their hands which predicted not only the time of Christ’s arrival but the manner, and other details, and still rejected their Messiah. To this day they edit out parts of the Books of Daniel and Isaiah so they don’t have to face it, and they’re still hoping to rebuild their temple on Earth. They’re even selling half shekel silver coins to fund it, and they even have Donald Trump’s face on it along with King Cyrus’.

        So yeah; it’s a very tough pill to swallow when the entire word is offering us so many other pills daily.

        All I would say to that is; if you’re going to disbelieve something, at least know exactly what it is that you disbelieve. Give it that much.

        It is for that reason, for example, that I’ve watched on the order of a hundred flat Earth videos. I never believed it, and absolutely don’t, but I wanted to understand why anyone else would. I keep searching for the one thing, or the one flat Earth believer, that makes sense, and explains things, especially to the point of being predictive. So far I’ve come up short, and furthermore haven’t heard anything new for a long time, but at least now I can say that I know very well what they’re saying, to the point where I could recite their assertions as well as most any of them (for the most part it involves the mere practice of acting incredulous and calling everyone idiots).

        So the question becomes this; can you represent the message of the Bible as well as anyone? That’s a difficult challenge for anyone, being that the majority of all the ostensibly Bible-based religions misrepresent it. Therefore it would take much study, and much conversation. And if one cannot accurately represent the message, then how can he say he disbelieves it, or that he believes it for that matter?

        Like the flat-earthers talking about science, astronomy and physics, or even basic geometry, without comprehending them, and while making a show of expressing personal incredulity toward them; one may not claim to believe, nor disbelieve, that which he does not understand and expect to to retain his credibility.

        • Words are not proof. I became an atheist because of the lack of evidence of the existence of a supreme being. Words and ancient writings do not count – that is not to say that they are worthless because those words do have value but they are not proof of existence.

          What I have come to realize over the years is that our gods represent the unknowable and the unknown in our lives and most importantly provide certainty where there is none.

          We live in an uncertain world and we must deal with that world somehow. Some choose to believe in one or more established gods. Others simply choose acceptance of the unknowable and unknown.

          • This is what is known. Walk in your door one day and say; I want to build a shelve. Then count how many decisions have to be made before your shelve is up on the wall.
            That’s just mechanical engineering.
            Now go study anatomy. Ask yourself how three particles matter. Election, protons, neutrons. know how to make muscle, bone, sinew, lungs, blood, liver. On and on. And before you go all DNA, lighting striking primordial soup to make it. Remember there’s about 500 light years between lighting making DNA, (Electron bonding of atoms), and DNA replication. (Specific arrangement of the right atoms).
            A human knee if taken care of will last 70-100 years. Humans just now getting around to make one last twenty years?
            After 40 years in construction I tell beyond any reasonable doubt that NOTHING happens on it’s own. It just appears to.
            A ivy league math professor once calculated the odds that the human eye could evolve. I believe it was 1 in 10. With 260 some zero’s behind the ten. Betting on the one?
            The engineering is complete.

          • And yet the eye clearly did evolve. In fact it has independently evolved numerous times. One datum that indicates this is that humans have a somewhat defective version of the eye. The bundle of nerves in the retina that leads to the brain is on the front (light receiving side) and gives us our blind spot. Some other animals evolved one which the bundle of nerves is on the back side and they don’t have a blind spot. If eyes were engineered by the same designer then why release a defective version to production when you knew how to make a better one on simpler and earlier products?

            I thought there was a three-eyed fish with the nerves from the retina of one eye coming out of a different side than the other two eyes. Which indicated the one eye evolved at a different time and way from the other two. But I can’t find it on the Internet right now.

            Pit vipers have a heat-sensing pit organ located between the eye and the nostril on both sides of the head. These pits can be considered an infrared sensing eye in an intermediate state of evolution. If the pit were to get deeper and a clear membrane formed over the top it could develop the ability to focus an image.

            Please don’t go down this path too far. I would rather we focus on things we agree on and how to achieve mutually beneficial goals rather than find points of disagreement and division.

        • I think the flat-earth stuff is two-fold. One, the algorithms say they get lots of clicks, so it’s lots of advertising dollars. They get pushed for money$$.

          Secondly they are used to discredit people. If someone posts a video with lots of conspiracy stuff (Clinton’s involved in child trafficking, world-controlling cabals, Satanists in Hollywood) with lots of accurate details that can be verified, rather than “disappearing” the guy who makes it (which might tend to lend it credibility), someone else will also make one that is similar, but with several glaring, easily debunked mistakes and inaccuracies, but better production values. Said person then makes a slick flat-earth video. Why? When the conspiracy comes up, the conspirators point to the distraction video and say “yeah, sounds great, but look at this stupid shit mistakes! I don’t have to point out how absurd the rest of it is. And the guys makes flat-Earth videos, too! Can’t believe all that foolishness. Next thing you know, you’ll think Jewish Bankers run everything!” They discredit rather than silence, while they continue to hide in plain sight.

  3. And yet there is still the unknown. Unraveling DNA was supposed to unlock the secrets of life – yet all we have is more and more questions with little hope of unlocking the secrets of life. And yes building anything involves many decisions and so long as we are in our own created domain we can somewhat minimize, but not eliminate, the unknown. But with life itself, we are simply not machines.

    The failure of the left is refusing to accept that there are still uncertainties and to believe that there are knobs that can be twisted to achieve any outcome they can imagine. Instead, they imagine that they are the gods.

  4. Which I believe that old book said, was what the snake told Eve in the beginning..
    And we are machines. At least our bodies are. Very complex ones. With to many coincidences to be anything other than placed here for a reason.

  5. I love that part in the movie where the Russians keep telling the poles to “quit resisting!”. Like why? you going to let me go if I don’t? Or shoot me in the head if I do?
    One things certain. Never give up your guns.

  6. OK, not to much farther. “And yet the eye clearly did evolve”. No, it just appears to have evolved from your point of view. It couldn’t, with or without defects. And NO one has any proof that it did. Despite all the fake news from the ivy league.
    It just happened on it’s own! Said the guy in a multi- million dollar lab. With all the latest equipment? And you don’t smell a rat? If not,you got more faith than me.
    Complexity of system, coupled with all co-dependent systems that would have to have evolved at the same time in order for the system to work. Make the theory of evolution wishful slander. And renders it’s believer to be more “faithful” than any religion.
    And one doesn’t need to be Jimmy the Greek to take those odds against.

  7. I watched a guy fight the State for 13 years on a bogus gun charge.
    His daughter grew to adulthood during that time. 13 years. It went on so long some of the State witnesses were no longer available. He represented himself, and won. 13 years, four dismissals, four refiling of charges, two different prosecutors- he won. They wanted to make an example of him, of how government power could wear down and crush a person who had the temerity to oppose them- he won.
    There is no way any person without belief could do that.

    That is why the political left hates God- belief in a higher power makes the left a lesser power and provides the strength to resist, even unto death.

  8. “Vasily Blokhin. Soviet executioner at Katyn. His count of 7,000 shot in 28 days remains the most organized and protracted mass murder by a single individual on record. Somewhere in Portland, his successor rises.

    GOFORBROKE231 @goforbroke231
    Tweeted on August 7, 2020
    [The conclusion is plausible. It’s the communist way.”

    Raz From CHAZ was an obvious early contender for this kind of position, but he burned out fairly quickly. At this time, he’s either planning his comeback, or someone very similar is planning their own ascent.

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