USPSA Area 1 Championship

As I had mentioned before, I had signed up to participate in the USPSA Area 1 championship in nearby Puyallup. In June it was postponed and then last month it was canceled:

It is with much regret that we are forced to withdraw from hosting 2020 Berry’s Area 1 Championship. We held on with high hopes and heartfelt dedication that the COVID-19 pandemic would subside and that we would, surely, be in Phase 4 of the current governing Phase Plan and that travel restrictions would have been lifted. We feel it is in everyone’s best interest to hold off until next year. Our Area Director, the Area Section Coordinators and the Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsman’s Club Board of Directors, have agreed to allow us to host 2021 Area 1 scheduled for August 4-8. This, of course, would be contingent on the current pandemic situation happening at that time. An alternate venue for 2020 has been established and will be announced by our Area Director. This will be an entirely separate match from the current posted match and will require new registration.

We want to give those intending to participate next year the opportunity to remain registered and maintain their spot in the match scheduled for 2021 at PBRSC. Any PAID participant, who chooses to remain in the match, will be awarded a ticket for entry into a drawing for a Springfield Range Officer Stainless Steel 1911. Those wishing to withdraw will be refunded the full registration fee, minus the Stripe processing fee. Refunds will be handled in as timely fashion as possible.
We appreciate all the support from everyone throughout these fluid times and the dedication of everyone who has continued to help us work toward bringing this match together. Our gratitude can not be expressed enough for their loyalty. We wish for everyone to maintain good health and remain safe as we hope that you can join us for Area 1 next year!

Most sincerely,
Tessina Hurley
Match Director

As I have had near zero practice since January I would have done rather poorly anyway. This will give me the possibility to get my skill level back up closer to where I would like it to be. The problem is that the range is about five minutes from where I work and I used to go to the range several times a week during the lunch break. As I work from home now the range is further away and I find it more difficult to schedule a visit.