4 thoughts on “Next month

  1. An asteroid or supervolcano event could actually be a relief! At least we would know what is happening or just not care depending upon where you live – it’s the uncertainty that tends to drive you crazy as my wife reminds me when she discusses her cancer treatment.

  2. Man, if someone would have put together a set of bingo cards for events of 2020, it could have some really wild things ripped from the headlines of the Babylon Bee on them that in any other year would make people stare at their card hopelessly.

    But at this point in 2020 everyone would be shrugging at theirs saying “well, yeah, to get a row it’s ‘space aliens visit’ and ‘Catholic Church excommunicates Pope after exorcisms gone wrong,’ but that’s gotta be at least 50/50, dude!”

  3. Put me down for giant cyborg suboceanic fleas retaking the surface.

    • Bummer. “RE-taking.”
      That’s one of the few items less likely than an FTL technology being announced. If only your giant fleas item was “discovered” you’d have a pretty good shot at it.

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