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So here is what happened yesterday at the “protest.” We were waiting and watching live from the precinct as the rioters set 5 portable construction offices on fire. They then completely destroyed, looted, and lit the Starbucks on 12 ave and E Cherry St. on fire. As the group was walking they were breaking random car windows, car prowling, and spray painting everything…

They made their way to the East precinct with all of us inside. They spray painted the building, tried to break the fence, they threw a mortar that left an 8 inch hole in the wall… We could see a person pouring gasoline around the building that we were occupying, which is when all of us came out. We commanded people to “move back” as we advanced. People who assaulted us were arrested. We formed a line guarding the block. People threw paint, rocks, metal, frozen water bottles, glass and improvised EXPLOSIVES at us which is when we used our dispersal tools. In the process I was injured along with 20 other officers. Yes, I was injured even though I was wearing shin guards, and other protective gear.

The puzzling part is people were chanting “I don’t see no riot here, take off your riot gear.”

Why didn’t we deploy and stop them when the looting started? Our instructions were not to respond to property damage. The fire department was delayed in response because of the big hostile crowd but they made it and started putting out fires. We only responded when they were about to literally burn down our precinct with everyone in it and the connecting apartment complexes. This is insane. I don’t know what the message here is anymore. These people were 99% white and young. They were saying the most horrible things you can imagine to officers of color. They were also assaulting each other in the crowd. I saw signs and shirts that indicated Anarchy, Anti-Christ, abolishing religion, bringing down the government, defund/abolish SPD, defunding Seattle Parks and Rec (huh?), abolishing America?! I don’t think that the point to those riots is anything but inflicting as much damage and injury as possible.

About my injury: I sustained a torn medial meniscus and I most probably will require surgery to be able to live an active lifestyle again.

Elyssa Khalifé
City of Bothell Police Officer
Posted on Facebook July 26, 2020
[This is about what happened in Seattle.

It’s not so “puzzling” to me. The bigger the lie…

The stories of the “weak government” of pre-Nazi Germany keep coming to mind.

These “people” are closer to feral animals. The officials who give orders for the police to not protect property are showing their true colors. Both groups should be dealt with appropriately. They all should be arrested and prosecuted.—Joe]


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  1. Wag the dog. Actions and media story are totally different. So who is the puppet-master, and what are their ultimate goals?

    People who don’t know what to believe, who are confused, become scared. Anyone who can provide a compelling narrative to a solution is hailed as a savior, even if they are a con man. The historical parallels are scary, and it explains why our schools are doing so (deliberately?) bad at teaching history.

  2. We are now living in a world where logic has been tossed out the window as the post above demonstrates. Then add the stories 1) where the woke crowd are defending 2+2 = 5 along with the mandate that children NOT be corrected if they get the answer wrong, 2) a lawsuit has been filed in federal court arguing that the Seattle police have caused an undue burden on protestors because they need to buy expensive protective gear, 3) senior democrats laying the groundwork to start a civil war regardless of who wins the election, and 4) the arguments over masks are effective, masks are ineffective and actually counterproductive.

    The world has gone mad.

    • Haven’t you heard?

      Smithsonian declares that “objective, rational, linear thinking,” “quantitative emphasis,” “hard work before play,” and various other values are aspects and assumptions of whiteness.

      • It’s been building for a long time. Yet it’s still disconcerting when we have it shoved in our face.

    • Speaking of 2+2=5, some of them are doing it who are math “educators.” http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=389450 for a posting and commentary on that.

      My feeling on her feelings are that she should only higher doctors and engineers and technical support who feel they are qualified to help her, not one who have actually passed the test with actual right/wrong answers. That will free up more linear thinkers to help the rest of us. Win-win, amiright?

      • Yep. They are getting more serious at promoting their alternative universe. Next, they’ll publish peer reviewed papers and establish an alternative branch of mathematics followed by alternative physics, chemistry, engineering, … just like they have done with gender studies. Of course, I would not expect the traditional sciences to survive in their world.

  3. I tried to post this (the original Khalife post) on the White Allies for Black Americans group on Facebook, commenting that the BLM protests need to weed out the anarchists if they expect to be successful, but the moderators decided it wasn’t appropriate. Apparently their Overton Window is quite narrow.

    Yes, yes, I realize it was unlikely to get a warm response, but as with my attempts here in the comments section of Joe’s blog to offer dissenting viewpoints, I had some vain hope reasonable discussion could be had.

    Nope. OBEY.

    • From what I’ve seen here, dissenting opinions are welcome, as long as they comport with reality, and are not laughably off-base with their facts.

      The left, though, usually defaults to reasoned discourse rather quickly when confronted with badthought.

    • How do you make BLM ‘weed out’ what they cultivate?
      Marxists have always used useful idiot anarchists & malcontents to gin up chaos they can use to cover their schemes.

      Geez John, are you really that naive, or is it you believe we are?

  4. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to set aside the pepper spray and break out the belt-feds.

  5. @Defens … you mean resurrect the late Hon. Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago. He who gave police the green light to “Shoot to kill arsonists or those holding Molotov cocktails and shoot to maim or cripple those that are looting”?

    How far we’ve come in 52 years… and how history repeats itself. The biggest difference between then and now that I see is that those riots were over the death of a man that, to the black community, was a leader in the fight for equal opportunity and treatment under the law, and most of the “protesters” were actually black, while in this time, most of the “protesters” seem to actually be white.

    The history of that time can be an interesting read (depending on who’s version you read). Having just been in my early teens, I do have some recall of it all – but Daley’s orders seem to stand out in my mind … and while I don’t think that many of the officers actually “followed orders” the mere image, in the minds of a rioter or looter was probably enough to restrain quite a few of them.

  6. “They all should be arrested and prosecuted.”
    And then hanged from lamp posts along the main streets of the city.

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