Quote of the day—Maj Toure

I believe that more Black people would be alive if they were armed. So when I hear ‘unarmed Black man,’ I’m sad because there should be no such thing.

Maj Toure
Founder Black Guns Matter
July 28, 2020
Black gun ownership rises after pandemic and protests
[From the same article:

Phillip Smith, the president of the National African American Gun Association, told Politico he’s getting 2,000 membership requests per day – what used to be the annual numbers. There are now 90,000 members on the organization’s Facebook page.

This could change the voting demographics. Do these seem like people who are going to vote for someone who says things like:

The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets bullets in them, is absolutely mindless. It is no violation of the Second Amendment. It’s just a bow to the special interests, the gun manufacturers, the NRA.

It’s gotta stop.

It’s Biden that just has to be stopped. The dramatic increase in first time gun purchasers, and, in particular, the increased ownership by black Americans will decrease the likelihood that he will win the election.

We live in historic times.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Maj Toure

  1. Not so sure about the demographics change, but hopeful. Just because inner city Democrats – of any color – start to buy guns doesn’t mean they’ll change their voting habits. They still like their free stuff, and as long as it keeps them on the plantation, Democrats will continue to dole it out to them.

    • And never forget Stalin’s dictum. It’s not who votes that matters. It’s who counts the votes. Or in America, who has the most “lost” ballots in the trunk of their car.

    • You and Mike may be right. But I’m inclined to believe the riots, looting, and destruction of property affected black Americans directly. And many will realize Democrats were complicit in the crimes and become “woke” in a manner not seen many decades.

      Certainly not all and probably not even a majority. But I expect it will be enough to make a difference in the election results.

      • Ya, if you can still vote democrat after all this. How would Jeff say it?
        You might be a communist.

      • The way I look at it: if you’re a gun owner and you vote Democrat, you haven’t been paying any attention these past several decades.

  2. We can hope, but I can say that thanks to me my now former roommate became a gun owner, has evil high capacity mags.

    And yet, he’s still a hard left democrat, like most black men in this city. Far further left than he was when living with me..

    He got his, and he will absolutely support all manner of gun control.

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