Peaceful protestors

Portland Mayor yesterday:

I keep thinking that nearby rooftops occupied by small teams with suppressed AR’s would calm things down quietly and quickly.

Apparently nothing really changed because we didn’t get a fresh batch of truly peaceful protestors last night. It was the same stuff with “peaceful protestors” trying to barricade the exits of the Federal building then setting it on fire with law enforcement officers inside.


9 thoughts on “Peaceful protestors

  1. “…made aware of concerns within the community that federal agents may
    Can you get any more vague innuendo? In other words, he’s scare-mongering, and then when false-flag snipers he likely knows more about than he does Feds with live ammo show up he’ll blame the Feds to stoke the flames higher. He’s either a moron, a buffoon, or a seditious traitor. Or possibly some combination.

  2. Like I said, their going to owe the Hammond’s, the Bundy’s, and the Finicum’s an apology.

  3. Given the reports that several agents may have been permanently blinded by the terrorists’ use of lasers, it’s obvious that deadly force would be legal and proper.

    • Yep. And if you can justify shooting a cowboy in the back while his hands are up in surrender. I wouldn’t think shooting someone who’s trying to burn a building down with you in it as a big deal?
      Sorry, I forgot were talking commie politics here.

        • IIRC, all states consider an occupied building to be justification for lethal force against an arsonist. There is some variation regarding an unoccupied building. Most, though, tend to consider that a building that could be expected to be occupied as sufficient reason to off the miscreant(s) that are attempting to burn it.

          • 5 years as a federal terrorist was the sentence the Hammond’s got. What’s the fed’s waiting for?

          • It’s not just the letter of the law. It’s the state of the culture.

            70 years ago a young white woman in the deep south could cause the death sentence of an innocent black man with a couple of lies. The truth and overwhelming evidence of an actual crime of the same nature, supplied by a black woman against a white man, would be dismissed.

            In many ways we are in a similar situation now. We must change the culture to respect the letter of the law.

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