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Democrats want to eliminate the electoral college, the Senate, the 1st amendment, the 2nd amendment for sure, and the rest of the constitution, our borders, citizenship, carbon based fuels, cars, cows.

And the first step in their scheme is to eliminate Trump.

We better fight like hell or those of us who aren’t shot during the disarmament or who don’t starve when fuel and food are eliminated are going to be slaves.

Rawhide Wraith@olddustyghost
Tooted on September 28, 2019
[There’s far too much truth in this.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rawhide Wraith@olddustyghost

  1. I like the sentiment, but even if Trump wins again, do we really think that will settle anything?

    • A Trump win buys time but you are correct that it doesn’t settle things. We are not one people and we won’t be again. We had best not waste the time.

    • Yeah, it will. Like all disinterested juveniles, the current crop of baby Marxists will tire of their rioting and mayhem and move to the next fad. The old Marxists controlling them will need to find a new set of puppets to advance their agenda, and the American public, in general, is fast becoming fed up with the whole racism and “equity” bullshit. Figure Trump to be reelected and a slew of Democrats to get dumped from office and a bunch of the remaining “woke” legislators to move back to centrist ideals.

      I think this is anything but a major realignment of America. It’s like a big pimple on the face of politics. The major effect will be a bunch of colleges and academics getting bitch slapped into reality, or closed, when their money dries up. And shutting down these liberal/Marxist activist factories would be one of the best things that could happen. Maybe we’ll see a surge in community college enrollment, with young people actually learning to do something useful.

      I do find this all rather ironic though – BLM and Antifa rioting about alleged racism, with their funding coming from one of the most racist regimes around, the Communist Chinese. How many black people in positions of power and authority in China, eh?

      • Perhaps. I see the juveniles acting like brown shirts because those in power who are sympathetic dare not do the things that the juveniles are doing and demanding. In the meantime laws and budgets are being changed.

        It seems far more likely to me that a Trump win will become the ‘reason’ for ‘peaceful protests’ to move on to the next level. Of course, even if Trump does not win I still expect the juveniles to find other reasons to continue.

        • Your right Chet. It’s damned if you do/don’t. No way this country doesn’t change. To many factors against it. How did the Zen master put it, We’ll see?

        • If Trump doesn’t win, it will be Kristalnacht II. One can only hope that they will do it in the interregnum between the election and Jan. 20. If he does win, they dial the insurrection up a few more notches.

    • I think of a Trump win as a swing of the pendulum in the other direction. It will indicate our culture is, for now, disillusioned with the socialist mindset.

      I’m not going to go so far as to say I think it would indicate a trend in the direction of liberty.

      • Agreed. I fear to many of the powerfully-rich of the world hate our liberty. It’s a wonder to behold. How they are willing to destroy so much for vanity.

        • That plus the fact that too many people in this country are still hypnotized by the idea of free stuff, like when they were (small) children.
          Too many people still think there’s a free lunch and nasty ol’ Trump and other conservatives (i.e. those more conservative than them and with more money than them) are keeping them from eating it.

        • NOT vanity. Lust for power, and a fear of a righteous court dragging them in to face a judgement. The US has a long reach, plus, just as worrying to them is the fact that we influence the rest of the world with a quest for justice. Eliminate the US government as it has stood for a couple centuries, and lots of people around the world will breath a sigh of relief.

  2. The fundamental reality is the American Communist Party nee Demonrats are seeking to eliminate AMERICA.

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