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When enough blue-collar workers get canceled because they are too busy doing their hard and valuable to society jobs to bother with the sensitivities of the latest update from the grievance studies departments of the academic elite, they will get together and build a fucking killdozer and the pushback will be diesel-powered.

June 29, 2020
When you’ve lost the Atlantic…
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. I forsee a new username and avatar I need to buy on my goon forums.:V

  2. Maybe not a killdozer. But they know where the utility lines are buried now.
    That? That’s the main for all the electricity in SD. Ya, something happens to that it would be lights out for 2 months. Those? Oh that’s where all their water comes from.
    Killdozers are so 3GW.

  3. We’ll see if there’s an offramp before that point.

    I sent in my formal complaint of an EEOC violation to my boss last night. She hadn’t read it yet. I brought it to her attention this morning.

    My company’s HR D&I director sent out invitations to a workshop on ‘white supremacy’. You know, where the white people are ‘oppressors’ and you have to remind them that they’re oppressing a non-white person, otherwise they’ll forget they’re doing it. Well, that sounds like derogatory statements made against a specific color/race/ethnicity. Not that I am affected, as I am Hispanic and all my white co-workers are so busy working that they forget to oppress me. Or maybe they’re trying and I just don’t notice because they’re so bad at it. Maybe too subtle… I’m a direct and concrete kind of person, so if you’re trying to oppress me, you’ll have to be more obvious.

    So anyway, I’m not putting up with any kind of official company sanctioned violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We’ll see if that puts the brakes on this freshman BS session jargon before a killdozer is required.

    • Going well so far. Just had a virtual meeting with the boss to outline what the desired outcome is:

      No illegal derogatory terms towards any race, nor a corporate environment that condones the same. Put some guardrails on the D&I director to keep her from talking the company into an expensive EEOC lawsuit. Oh, and no retaliation against me for articulating a specific complaint relevant under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

      I can trust my boss, and the next up the chain. Can’t trust HR to control themselves… can’t really trust Legal not to twist themselves into pretzels to do what is politically fashionable, but I can trust them to not want the EEOC to be doing discovery…

      In any case, I have an offline copy of all the relevant emails from HR and execs in case they lock out my laptop.

      • Excellent (so far)!

        I’ve done some similar stuff. Also talked to an employment lawyer who gave some good advice that wouldn’t be applicable in your case.

        I recently had a discussion with one of my children who was already “preparing for battle” as well.

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