Quote of the day—Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine @zaharako

Anytime “AR-15” is trending, it triggers an intense reaction from the micro-penis community. Can’t wait for Trump to lose in November so all these morons have to hide in their survival bunkers again. Like the cowards they are.

Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine @zaharako
Tweeted on July 12, 2020
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

SCOTUS decisions versus childish insults and delusions… hmm… I’m going to side with SCOTUS.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine @zaharako

  1. Except Joe that we don’t have SCOTUS decisions on our side on this. The Court has punted every time the issue of rifles or carry has come before them. Even with Thomas and Kavanaugh excoriating the lower courts they aren’t following Heller still doesn’t force them to do so when the Court fails to act.

    All we have is a decision that says they can’t ban handguns and safe storage laws cannot impair the right of self-defense. That’s it. Everything else is deemed Constitutional by the lower courts if SCOTUS fails to act.

    Absent another Justice appointed by Republicans that is strong, on record, for the 2nd Amendment to overcome Roberts, the 2nd Amendment is considered an enumerated right in name only. They are treating it worse than abortion and there is no enumerated right to that.

    So these Liberals are kind of correct in their intentions. They can force things on us given the chance. The best we can do right now is to keep them away from the levers of power or divide government so we can jam them when they try to pull them.

  2. Penis envy, got to love it. And speaking of having one. Has anyone else noticed how they never want to compare your penis size to their IQ?

  3. I can’t imagine how incredibly traumatizing this person’s tour of duty with the Marine Corps was.

    • Assuming there was one at all. There’s good reason to suspect “stolen valor” here.

  4. You talk about SCOTUS decisions. At this point SCOTUS is firmly anti-gun. They stand by idly as the states run all over it.

    The courts are NOT on our side Joe. They are either openly hostile at most or do not care. So stop using that fucking excuse. In less than four years they will siding with the government when the government just bans all guns With mandatory buyback or simply door-to-door confiscation.

    THEY are the ones that will have court victories. They have far more than we do right now. Banning of private gun sales? Legal. Banning open and concealed carry? Legal. Banning magazine capacity? Legal. Banning entire classifications of firearms? Legal. Banning all semi automatic rifles? Legal. Confiscating all rifles? Legal.

    And these are things that have already happened. So no, Joe. They have the court decisions. We have nothing. I will not be surprised when the Supreme Court overturns Heller And McDonald.

    • What’s needed is impeachment of all judges who support such things. Unfortunately, no D politician would ever agree to that, and most R politicians are too venal as well.

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