There’s not enough kneeling you can do

As I’ve said before appeasement doesn’t work:

This afternoon, in broad daylight, this happened in downtown Seattle:

And as Joni Job @jj_talking said this afternoon:

“There’s not enough kneeling you can do.” I like that.


6 thoughts on “There’s not enough kneeling you can do

  1. As Kipling put it over a hundred years ago. “Once you pay the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.”

    • And empowered they are! No one can criticize ‘peaceful protestors’ or BLM. And they’re getting their way all across the country.

      I wonder when the mayor will fold and ask for help. Now or never? I’m thinking never.

      And why is she allowing anybody to destroy the city that she is responsible for? In a logical world that does not make sense. Or is she too so brainwashed that she cannot see what is happening? The only way that sorta makes sense is if she’s one of them.

      • I think she’s one of them.
        As we already know from the CHAZ episode, she will allow this to go on right up to the point where the terrorists accost her in her home. That she will not permit. But assault on normal humans, no problem.

  2. The only kneeling that should be done for such as these. Is by the front row of the firing squad.

  3. I was curious to see if the truck at the beginning of the video had “Justice for Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr.” painted on its side. It did not. The guy who ended Anderson’s black life might well have been riding in the back of that truck.

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