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The morons at Brady still think if they can get a law passed, everyone is going to just obey it?

When everyone with a gun knows no one else is obeying the law? Imagine their surprise when we start playing Cowboys and Communist!

Were going to defeat Trump and pass a law! And that’s going to stop radical Hadji’s from making suppressed 22’s and assassinating people! It’s like watching Special Olympics Politics.

July 11, 2020
Comment to Lies and deception—It’s their culture
[“…playing Cowboys and Communists” got a laugh from me.—Joe]


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  1. That’s because us gun people have been referring to ourselves as “law abiding gun owners” for so many decades that the anti-gunners actually believe us. It’s sort of a secret weapon. I stopped using that descriptor several years ago, when it became apparent that a time would come when that was no longer true. Maybe “Constitution-following gun owners” is a better term.

  2. It isn’t about getting us to obey, it’s about laying the legal groundwork to arrest us all later.
    I have no more to add.

  3. They are not communist, they are antiwhite. The guns are just a tool that is inconvenient to their ends.

  4. Some members of my family think since society hasn’t put up a fuss about covid masks, that means our society is weak minded and will follow any government mandated idea.

    I disagree that mask acceptance is a sign of weakness. I think we know where energy is worth being spent and how to be effective.

  5. “Cowboys and Communists” – puts me in mind of my favorite Christmas movie:

    “Yippie ki yay, Mother…”

    Hans was a Communist, after all…

    The Real Kurt

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