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This presidential election will be a choice between systems we know from experience always succeed versus systems we know from experience always fail. Guess which one young people favor by a majority.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
Tweeted on July 10, 2020
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays

  1. More like choosing the order in which one gets screwed?
    Rule by corporation is not much different than being ruled by Bureaucrat. Like my friend said. Two wings of the same bird.
    Voting is a good thing. Thinking that voting is going change things very much is the problem. As most people have been voting against communism. Why is it running most of the country? Most people don’t like corporate greed. Look who’s running the capitalist side?
    No matter who wins, I’m still practicing mag changes as my daily exercise.

  2. Score a big win for public education.

    Yayyyyy, us!

    The future seems like I need to buy another case of ammo.

    • “Score a big win for public education.”

      Exactly; you’re understanding its purpose.

  3. Again and again; one cannot say that a particular system is either a failure or a succes without first knowing the intent behind its design. I assert that communism (or whatever label you wish to attach to any system based on wholesale coercive redistribution and centralized command and control) has been very successful.

    For example; how can you say it “fails” when it rules nearly the entire world right now? Hundreds of millions killed? That’s a feature, not a bug. They want more of that. Economies of whole nations wrecked? Feature– Mankind, they believe, is a stain upon the earth. A disease. And their doctrines and tactics are working.

    Why is this not easy to understand by now, after all the long history of authoritarianism leading to disaster, and people still advocating for it, dedicating their lives to it as though it were the greatest thing ever?

    Perhaps you believe the lies being used to sell communism? But one’s acceptance of the lies (as being accurately representative of the underlying intent) does not change the reality. That millions or even billions of people accept and even love the lies, still, does not alter the reality. That thousands of people with title, respect and high station believe or even love the lies does not change the reality.

    I submit that perhaps you’re treating the science of understanding this in the same way that the pope and the communists treat their “climate change” assertions– “Science” they tell us, is determined by consensus! If enough people believe a lie, then, ipso facto, it’s not a lie anymore. It’s truth. If gangsters claim to have good intentions, and enough people believe them, then, ipso facto, their intentions are good. Just like that. But of course that could only mean that there is no objective truth and there are no objective standards, for anything, ever.

    This I suppose is one of the definitions of “democracy”, by the way, for under democracy it is the majority which determines right from wrong, truth from error, and not any form of standard or other process. The inevitable, wide scale disasters which result can always be explained away in the very same manner that got the people cause them; by consensus, and, ipso facto, prosperity is, in fact, always just around the corner. It works perfectly!

    So it is that in order to destroy America it was necessary to first transform it, incrementally (progressively), from a constitutional republic into a democracy. The only way to do that is by removing, or ignoring, standards (particularly the constitution, and most especially the Decalogue). That is now pretty nearly a done deal, and so, again; how can you say that it is a “failure”? It seems to me that it’s been a rather smashing success!

    Now maybe all that we have left is to poke fun at and mock the “stupidity” of those who rule over us and eat out our substance. Is THAT why it has become such a popular sport these days? Has it truly come down to this; that we can do nothing whatsoever about them, and so all we can do now is point fingers at them and mock them, and thus get a little bit of relief for our egos?

    But now long will we be allowed to do even that much? You know people have began asking that question, and still you say that the leftist morals and doctrines, and tactics, are “failures”? It boggles the mind. It truly does.

  4. Maybe they prefer failure because they have always been told that a reboot will fix it???

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