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Every morning I wake up pretty small government/libertarianish and every evening I go to bed wanting Trump to send in the military to nationalized the American media.

Absolute destroyers of our great nation.

Jesse Kelly @JesseKellyDC
Tweeted on June 29, 2020
[This comment to the above is also good for a laugh:

If this sounds like a seriously good idea keep in mind it might be self correcting without the use of force. Only 41% of the U.S. population trust the media. And many media outlets are failing or have failed in recent years.—Joe]


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  1. Only 41% of the population trust the media.
    Let’s just wait. This cancer just might eat itself. Trust the polls and statistics. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. They’re “terrorists”, and we’re “terrorists” for merely seeing the error in their ways. We’re all “terrorists” now. It’s coming to that.

    Anyone who refuses to compromise his principles is of course, as we now all know, an “extremist” or a “fundamentalist”. Anyone who refuses to join in, with whatever crowd (or mob) happens to form in front of him, is also a “separatist”.

    It’s coming to the point where everyone with any conviction will be labeled a “fundamentalist-extremist-separatist-terrorist” (FEST). And each side accusing the other of being FESTs, they will both be at least partially justifiable in their labeling.

    So it all comes down to which side you’re on. The right side or the wrong one. But how could anyone possibly know the difference when both sides exhibit evil?*

    Jesus has this to say on the matter of “extremism”;

    “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot: I would [that] you were cold or hot. So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew (some translations say “vomit”) you out of my mouth…

    “…As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent….”

    It has come to the point where any belief, held steadfast (zealotry), is to be considered a threat to the growing authoritarian system. Compromise and complacency (“lukewarm-ness”) are considered the ultimate ideals for that system because it makes us controllable, steerable and moldable. Anyone either cold or hot is therefore to be considered a “terrorist”, and seeing it from the point of view of the authoritarians (the Roman, Greek, Medo-Persian, Babylonian system) (the Beast) it makes sense.

    This of course is why Jesus had to be killed. The religion of the Pharisees had become horribly compromised and disfigured (almost as bad as today’s Republican Party or today’s “Protestants”), and Jesus rebuked them for it, thus threatening their power. The Roman system of course had come to represent corruption itself, and so Jesus was a threat to that system, but you will note that the Pharisees (the false religious system) were especially determined to get rid of him. Nothing whatsoever has changed, except some of the names and places, since.

    Well then, here’s to all you “terrorists” out there. I’ll see you on the battlefield. Would that you end up being not deceived, and thus having given your life to the right side! And to the rest of you; plecth!

    *All of us being evil, one way to know is whether you love or hate the Ten Commandments. God says; “If you love me, keep my commandments” (the law). It is then to understand the plan of salvation, which is rooted in the law.

    • Ah we were just studying about the falseness of moral relativism as a family this morning. I hadn’t made the political connection related to the Pharisees, thank you for that.

    • If were Festus folks, would INssurectionist, Communist, Extremist, Separationist, Terrorist. could be called INCEST? Like, we have an incestation around here! Or INCESTuist educational system?
      Good post by the way. Christ being murdered over politics and power is something not taught in church these days. But should have been all along. Well done!
      I like Jesse. But he should be the FIRST to tell you that the governments are never able to right themselves in such matters. And least of all one as decadent as this one.

      • To drive the point home; all of Earth history has been a contest between respect for God’s authority over His own creation, verses respect for Man’s authority as held up in place of God’s. Or more to the point, God’s verses satan’s doctrine.

        These things aren’t taught in churches because the churches have been as corrupted as the Pharisees, seeking approval, stature, status, position, power, wealth and influence at the expense of the sometimes difficult (or inconvenient) truth.

        The truth convicts us to death, and that leaves only Christ and his atoning sacrifice as our redeemer and savior. The churches hate that because it cuts them off from their authority and robs them of the power of that authority, and they’ll do whatever it takes to hold on to their position, inventing the most clever rationalizations you will ever hear in this life.

        To wit; God said, don’t eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (some take that to mean, deciding for one’s self what is right and wrong, as opposed to trusting God’s law) or you will surely die. Satan chimes in and questions it all, saying, Your eyes will be opened (thus establishing today’s “Woke” movement), You will be like the gods, and, You will not surely die.

        Thus satan established the doctrine of the immortal soul, which nearly all churches teach, and which is in direct contradiction to Scripture. Satan also establishes the notion that we can do it all on our own, God or no God. There again, the papacy puts itself over and above the Scriptures, claiming authority over them, and even over the very precepts of Christ. Politicians, and the pope, want us to see them as virtual gods. The titles Pontifex Maximus and Vicarius Filii Dei weren’t chosen all at random.

        After the fall in Eden God says, In the sweat of thy face (or by the sweat of your brow) shalt thou eat bread. Progressives and socialists (and the other redistributionists) say otherwise. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says, “Work is for the birds.” Under Obama were treated to the term, “Funemployment”.

        So it is that ancient Rome, as embodied today in the papacy, and all supposedly “Christian” churches following along with Rome, together, teach, quite literally, the doctrine of satan. The Progressive movement is all on board with the same. The religious powers and political powers are now synchronizing up in lock step, each reinforcing the other.

        That is Babylon. The New Age Movement, or the New World Order, if you will.

        We are enjoined, in Revelations, to “Come out of Babylon! Come out of her, my people!”

        Thus, I point out, the Bible has a “separatist” message, standing in opposition to global unification; “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” — Ephesians 5:11

        So; be very, very careful when the powers that should not be tell us that religion, and a uniting of the religions, is the answer, which they surely will (they’re already saying it). That is Babylon talking, the Beast, consolidating its power over the entire world. And, like the siren song of fables, it will sound beautiful, promising and irresistibly compelling! And all the world will wonder after the beast…

        So what does that make us who oppose Babylon and uphold the Decalogue? “Divisive”, “terrorists”, “separatists”, “fundamentalists”, “wreckers”, even killers of the planet, etc., etc., and like the Pharisees of old, and the Progressives of today, modern Babylon won’t want a dialog or a careful study so as to determine who is right and who is wrong, so we can go with what is right. Oh no; they’ll want us removed from the picture.

        And that’s when the role of faith truly comes to fruition. You know the drill. We’ve already seen it play out in rehearsal, in the Dark Ages and in the communist purges.

  3. Woo-hoo, I’m a FESTer! Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound good. Unless it’s Festivus, then I’m in. Screw it. Provisions are laid in and stuff is clean, lubed, and sighted in. Time for a drink.

    More seriously, an opinion columnist in the newspaper opined that what he read in MSM about Donny’s Mt. Rushmore speech before hearing a recording of it gave him the opposite impression of what he heard. His fellow journalists LIE.

    • One should always keep in mind the point of propaganda is not to inform.
      It’s to get one to question oneself to the point that you hopelessly except a lie. And feel powerless. It works.
      But your first paragraph shows you have it under control. Which is about all we can do until the left gets finished betraying the police.

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