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It is not transcendently stupid for the alleged anti-racism rioters to destroy a Lincoln statue, though, to normal people, it looks like the act of drooling morons. Now, a good number of these cesspeople are drooling morons, but that does not change the fact that trashing POTUS #16’s statuary is brilliant.

They have confused their targets – us – by casting off the constraints of coherence.

Oh wait, you thought that these folks were trying to make a point about racism being bad. And you thought, because that’s how those of us who weren’t raised on Instatwitbook, soy, and critical race theory, that if you point out that something is unreasonable then that will cause the person you were instructing to rethink it. After all, trashing some Honest Abe totem in order to illustrate how racism is double-plus-ungood is about a “12” on the 1-10 scale of unreasonability. And yet, you can point that out all day and they don’t care.

In fact, they laugh at you for doing so.

It’s not about making sense. It never was. It’s about making you kneel.

Kurt Schlichter
July 2, 2020
Stop Making Sense
[Just the other day I posted Not a contradiction which is somewhat related.

Some of his advice is similar to mine about not appeasing the terrorists (see also here and here):

So how do we beat them?

Step one is to understand the nature of the fight. It’s not one of right and wrong, though that’s how they like to disguise it. It is one of power. Give them nothing. Concede nothing. Stop trying to be reasonable with people who think a reasonable compromise is just impoverishing and disenfranchising you instead of stashing you in a gulag or worse.

Read the rest of his advice.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kurt Schlichter

  1. Saying ‘no’ is a start, but the ones making the decisions in our country are saying ‘yes’, if not hell ‘yes’, or ‘what took you so long’.

    Two recent examples: Seattle is cutting the police budget by 50% (SWAT team is gone along with half the officers) and the Supreme Court gave half of Oklahoma away.

    • Seattle folks are going to have to get a third garbage can? Waste, Recycling, and Bodies?
      Like Pa said; If they don’t want you to have a gun somewhere, that’s probably where your going to need one!
      Wonder if Vegas bookies are taking bets on who wins the Seattle Purge?

    • I see the DA had police raid the St Louis couple’s home mentioned in the story to seize their firearms today. This was done even with Missouri’s permissive gun laws including a Make you Day law. And if you are the owner you even have the right to shoot trespassers. It seems that DAs just make their own laws.

          • Oh, I’m sure they are. But they have a lot on their plate, and they might well wait until they have enough evidence to prove treason and the time is right.

        • I think a quota of one state or local official per day being indicted for this is about right. Trump has got other things on his mind and the career DoJ people and probably Barr are playing for the other team so a special prosecutor will be needed.

      • It’s all about the videotape, just like with Rodney King. The goons started videotaping when the couple came out with guns. Had the couple had their own videotape of them coming out to see what the ruckus was, with audio of the gate breaking, and the threats, with them retreating inside, to return with guns. if that’s the way it went, that would be a valuable bit of evidence for their defense to the show trial. There might be more that the goons recorded, but that evidence can go down the memory hole and the media will ignore it, as usual.

        • Just like the Minnesota cops. Charged with murder. But Floyd died from an OD. No suffocation. Their going to get off.
          Arrest a couple defending their own property? With the law on their side? All political circus. Media got the story out. That’s all that matters.
          Lesson: Always have back-up guns/ammo/magazines stashed off your property!

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