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Via email from Chet who found it via Andy Ngo:


Check out the “Tactical” section below. The job list is from here:


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  1. What an interesting list of jobs. What stands out the most to me is how top heavy the org chart appears to be.

    While they are looking for people in the trenches, they seem to have many more job openings in “management positions”.

    In any socialist situation, it is much better to be the guy giving orders than the guy receiving them.

  2. “If you are an active member of the US Armed Forces…”

    Sounds like a way to get folks of questionable loyalties to out themselves. The question is which side is doing it (might be Panty-Fa, might not)? And for purposes of recruitment, or targeting?

    But, as Therfore pointed out above, their emphasis on “leadership” while missing whole categories of the folks that make things work, in society, the military, or insurgencies, (and no, I’m not going to do their homework for them) shows whomever wrote that list is clueless enough to be a US leftist revolutionary cosplayer.

    • Read the Communist Manifesto sometime. They appeal to the masses by implying the true believers are the intellectuals who will be the rulers. Kind of clever… in an evil sort of way.

      • Do I have to again! I did that once 40 years ago and I’m still bleaching out portions of my brain to get the smell out.

        And notice I said folks “that make things work”. Not a description of anyone that takes the rantings of Marx and Engles seriously IMHO.

  3. This is an active insurgency. We are in phase 2, incipient violence. Phase 3 is open warfare.

  4. I was gonna signup but I noticed they’re using triggering phrases like “tradesman” and “human”.

    I hope they get das position of Minister of Compliance filled fast!

  5. They have an “Internal Affaires” Department.

    They need a Minister of Spellcheck Relations.

  6. Strange. There’s an open position for “Keeper of Community”… yet no mention of their need for a “Bookkeeper”.

    Poor central planning.

  7. Very impressive presentation for a group that probably has at most five members, four of whom are FBI informants.

  8. I would be a bit cautious in dismissing this. The recent march at Stone Mountain Ga. was said to have a thousand participants. I never saw good crowd pictures, but there was obviously a pretty fair attendance. All were dressed completely in black, all were armed – some with very nice stuff, and a good many of them were well equipped with the latest cool battlerattle accoutrements/plate carriers etc. This event took a fairly significant amount of preparation and coordination.

  9. I live in a part of the country where power outages do happen and can last days or weeks. To that end people prepare for such bad things to happen. In addition, we have a cross population in the educational part of Ren Faire. I.e. the people that actual do the research and then live it for a few weekends a year. Like knowing how to wash clothes without a washing machine, or how to cook over an open fire and all the rest. More cross pollination in other re-enacting groups.

    My wife, just because, learned to make her own soap. I learned how to make my own fireworks and a few other things. All of this in addition to the standards of learning how to can food.

    The LDS has a place where members (and non-members) can make bulk purchases of long term storage food stuffs. We made a few trips down to the “cannery” and made some purchases, then learned how to turn wheat berries into flour into bread and pasta.

    In other words, we spend a great deal of time *learning* a number of different skills and then did those things so it wasn’t just “book learning.” This put us in a pretty good position regarding the recent unpleasantness when everything got locked down.

    As part of our interactions with other groups and trying to find other skills to learn, we ran into a group of people that were also into gaining more skills.

    Unfortunately, their skills were all about small group tactics and weapons handling. Their leader’s pitch was “We’ll be there to provide security for you when SHTF.” We made a point of explaining to said leader that we would provide our own security and the concept of what a hard target is. I’m told, via back channels, that our entire town is now considered, by this group at least, a “hard target” and a “no-go zone” for said group.

    My point in all of this, is that what I often see in these sorts of demonstrations, such as the one at Stone Mountain, is groups that know how to do one thing and do it reasonably well. It takes organization, preparation and coordination to pull of a march such as that one. The problem they have is that it is unlikely they have all the other skills. And it is unlikely they have ever been in a situation where somebody is explaining what “hard target” actually means.

    Ken and Karen are sort of the first to start saying, with rather poor training, “We are a hard target, go the F away”. I hope to see more and more hard targets start to show up. And when our organized insurrectionist do attempt the hard targets, I suspect they will be very surprised.

  10. Only as long as people fear or respect the law. When only one side fears the law, you get death squads. When only one side respects the law, you get warlords. When neither side fears the law, you get anarchy. When neither side respects the law, you get revolution.

  11. Interesting reference to the non-existent “US Police Department”. I wonder which ignorant agitprop writer at the Kremlin or Forbidden City wrote that.

  12. They left out trauma surgeon and mortician. They will need both.
    My ED will not be using analgesia IF they get brought in, and there is the backhoe.
    The people that talk to me don’t plan on leaving any wounded…

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