4 thoughts on “Never try to appease terrorists

  1. Hear hear!

    We are headed for more and more speech control nonetheless. And surely the tech companies, media outlets, entertainers, sports celebrities and politicians, et al can see this as well as anyone, and yet they keep doubling down. This naturally bring their intentions and allegiances into question.

    But personally, I don’t question them. I’m convinced that they’re all part of Babylon. When the writing is on the wall, plain as day, for anyone to see, and they pretend they don’t see it, and when they attack those who do see it and mention it, clearly there’s an agenda behind their denial.

    And furthermore it is a coordinated agenda because it is happening everywhere. If it were not coordinated (by hook or by crook, by intimidation and/or bribes, et al) it would happen only in pockets.

    Remember Obama’s words? I paraphrase; We need a civilian force as well equipped, well trained and as well funded as the military. We he has his very own national foundation now, to add to the Clinton Foundation and Soros’ “Network of Associations” and all the others besides, all with a Progressive Marxist agenda.

    And you remember the Yuri Besmenov videos from the 1980s?

  2. What are they going to do, take down cell towers? Every corporation like this is in on it. At least as far as bribes to the commies go. Just like Netflix, Hollywood, and all the other social democrats.
    Black Lives Matter, except at the abortion clinic? Stop The Hate? Riiight, We got it.

  3. What is the definition of “stop hate for profit”? Censor any speech to the right of Joe Biden?

    • To be fair, when Joe Biden speaks, you can’t really put “utterly incoherent word salad” on a “left/right” scale.

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