Quote of the day—J. KB

The parallels line up.

Moderate and conservative, well-intentioned white people are the new Jews.

We Jews have leveled up to super-hated status.

And in the halls of academia and Leftist media/activism, it’s 1934.

We know what comes next and it is going to suck.

June 29, 2020
We’re all Jews now and it’s 1934
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]

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  1. We’re all jews now!

    The left has tried for years to ban guns, but the 2nd with our judicial system has mostly thwarted their efforts.

    Now they are attempting, and succeeding, to make the show of force or use of force unacceptable unless they are the ones using force. If you do not enthusiastically give in to their demands then you will be doxed, canceled, harassed, fired, shunned, … And, of course, we know from history their final solution.

    So while we still have limited rights to defend ourselves and curtailed rights to defend our property in our legal system, we will now pay an additional extralegal cost to just exercise those rights.

    This even applies to officers that are just doing their job – they get tried, suspended, disciplined, or fired. And our congress is even abetting this process by entertaining a national registry for officers that are involved so they can never work as an officer again.

    So what are our tactics and strategy now?

    • First people must wake up. Those who are still asleep will not see logic and reason. They can only hear rhetoric. remind them of Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass,” and perhaps ask them about the “Riots of Broken Statues” that is destroying our history right now, as we speak. What is their line in the sand? At what point will they stand up, stand shoulder to shoulder with others, to stop their nation being destroyed? If they will not, then they are declaring what side they are on. In the meantime, get ready to move, fight, or lose a job for voicing wrong-think.

    • ^What Rolf said, People are still asleep. Sadly, there are sooo many who’ve got a “I’ve got mine” attitude that they will likely never wake up until it’s too late, and if they even make it, their trustworthiness is suspect forever.

      In a sane world, the disappearance of LE would give rise to a counteraction- i.e. the conservative, well intentioned white people (with guns)- who’d take their place to settle the violence and restore order. But doing that invites LE to do their job… against those doing THEIR jobs. So it’s a lose-lose. The .gov at large is encouraging the madness and holding back the natural balance of power. Nearly impossible for anyone as fractured as conservatives to work with since we’re generally individual by nature. We just don’t have the organization, and it shows.

      I think all we can do now is *breath out slowly* cut the losses, cede ground and retreat to a better position. This means distancing yourself from the hordes in the cities, even the suburbs. Find a few trustworthy (difficult, I know) like minds and find a place where you can rebuild. This is the hard part, cuz it means cutting yourself off from the ‘civilized’ world and returning to a harder way of life. But if you’re far enough, it’ll be truly yours.

      Not saying be a hermit in the woods (unless you want to!). But the gov has become the beast, and the more you feed it, the more of you it wants. The further you’re from it, the… easier it’ll be to keep it at bay when it finally does find you. And it will, because that’s what it does.

      • We’re seriously considering that option. Even though we are in outer reaches of the Seattle-Tacoma metro, it feels too close. I am also concerned that this area relies on a steady stream of trucks to keep the shelves stocked.

        Given the depth of divisions in this country, I expect a long-drawn-out conflict in which life will still go on, and hopefully, that will be easier in places like SE Kansas where I grew up. As a bonus, no building permits are required and no permit is required to carry.

        • Without a division of the country, trying to evade the Left won’t work. They have, and will further, weaponized our government against us and will follow us to any place we retreat to. If there is anything that the 20C proved, it is that the biggest menace to citizens is the government that rules them, not an outside force. Hitler killed a lot of Russians but Stalin killed more. Tojo killed a lot of Chinese but Mao killed more. And once you get away from these exceptionally brutal campaigns, the ratio gets worse.
          We need the National Divorce.

          • Divorce? And the psycho ex will??? Want everything you have. Steal/turn your children against you. Will chase you to the ends of the earth to make your life miserable/steal what little you have left. Divorce is a good analogy.
            Their already claiming we owe them everything.
            Sorry bro, they WILL be sending someone around to collect the spousal maintenance/child support with a vengeance.
            Your the meal ticket. No way in hell are we getting away. But, being in a better defensive position is always good. So,run where you can. But a fights coming to streets near you. Wherever that is. The ex is never satisfied.

  2. Sure; you can say “moderate and conservative” or “well-intentioned” if you prefer to dance around the mulberry bush, being coy about it, or refusing to look all the way into the rabbit hole, so to speak, but why not come right out and say it?

    There is a war of evil against Judaeo Christian civilization. Evil is planning to corral all nations and all religions into one, ecumenical, fraudulent, authoritarian, Roman system.

    And no “moderate” and no “conservative”, as we’ve come to know the terms in the political sense, no matter how “well-intentioned” is ever going to have more than a slight clue. That slight clue, which fails to suffice for understanding, as we all know exists in the Republican Party and it’s followers, will be only enough to cause them to fall for the various (and altogether predictable) ruses, to take any bait offered and fall into the trap. The “moderate” or “conservative” can never be equipped to deal effectively with any of this. You know why? It’s because he’s spent a lifetime learning to dance around the mulberry bush, thus avoiding the plain truth as though it were the problem itself.

    The “moderates” and the “conservatives”, like the Jews of 1930s Europe, will and do recognize that there is an organized campaign against them, but will do little but capitulate, or put up a mere token resistance here and there (and a little bit of yelling and screaming), and thus fall into the trap. Some will even lead the way into the trap, even enthusiastically, via a tactical (and altogether misguided) appeasement (“chumming the water” as Joe put it the other day, which can only encourage the sharks).

    And thus the fake Christians and the fake Jews, like the fake Jews of yesteryear, will have played a significant role in their own destruction. Rejecting the truth as though it were the very problem; that will have been the mechanism for our destruction. Another way of defining it is “pragmatism”. It goes basically like this; “We cannot rely solely on the basic, fundamental principles because some people find them offensive and divisive, therefore we must find a better way…” In other words; “The truth is inadequate and so we must explore any and all alternatives to the truth.” And just like all the many times before, throughout history, there will be no talking them out of that mindset.

    Thus the “moderates and conservatives”, and the “well-intentioned” will have destroyed themselves. The enemy will have simply helped them along in the process, in much the same way as a vulture might help a dying cow to its final demise.

    “…like the dog returns to its vomit
    and the sow returns to her mire
    the burnt fool’s bandaged hand
    goes trembling back to the fire…” – Rudyard Kipling

  3. The guy sounds pissed that black lives matter stole a chapter out of the jewish play book.
    How many times do we get reminded by the jews that they were actually just a middle of road holocaust in the 20th. century? Ever? Ever hear a jewish or black person talk about all the Chinese that were murdered? Ya, me neither.
    The problem as I see it is how my wife’s Irish father use to correct in his children. Doesn’t matter, your Americans, he would say.
    If you want to be………-American. Then it’s obvious to everyone that you put your RACE FIRST. You can’t serve two masters.
    The difference in then and today is that we are Americans. Were the people that fought two major fronts on different sides of the globe and kicked -ass! Against anyone that was dumb enough to go up against us.
    Treason from within? Sure, but now their starting to show their hand. Sticking their heads up thinking maybe they got it done this time? Bad move.
    What I see coming is you either want to act like an American, or your out.
    Ask yourself this. If some person was standing in front of you calling you a racist. Would you believe them? Now, between you and the person saying something like that. Who is better trained at arms? You going to let that person hurt you or your family? Especially with no police to restrain you? Americans are only going to play this game so long. Their not buying all those guns and ammo to make a profit on a shortage. They understand full well. I don’t think the AOC’s of the world do.
    The only nightmares I have lately is of my gun jamming.

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