Riots are justified

There are people claiming the riots are justified:

Apparently if you can’t get the change you want via peaceful means then riots and massive destruction of property, injuries, and death are part of the acceptable solution space.

If you happen to have someone make such a claim to you please ask them the nature and extent of the violence they would recommend for gun owners such that we can eliminate the oppressive laws we struggle with every day.


16 thoughts on “Riots are justified

  1. I’m reminded of polls held shortly after 9/11 in Western Europe, supposedly modern liberal states — it found something like 30% support for the terrorists committing the attacks on the USA. (In the Middle East, the number was closer to 80 or 90 percent, but that’s less of a surprise.)

  2. Come out to play rough in the streets college educated fools. The police have rubber bullets that can take your eye out and eventually you will simply be shot for being out after the curfews are enforced.

    Come to suburbia where your numbers are fewer and the homeowners are armed and see how long you can sustain your riots.

    Many liberals are “highly educated” yet more stupid than the bricks they hurl.

    • “Well-schooled” doesn’t mean “well educated”
      “Well educated” doesn’t mean “smart”
      “Smart” doesn’t mean “experienced”
      “Experienced” doesn’t mean “wise”
      “Wise” doesn’t mean “right”

      A bullet doesn’t care about any of that, or concealment, only “is it hard cover?”

      I really, REALLY hope the Q-op is successful, and it doesn’t get to full-on revolution. But if it does, it might be a surprisingly quick one.

      • You did a great job there, Rolf.

        I am highly educated from multiple fine schools, yet I realize that it does not equate to wisdom. I see far too many people who gloat about their credentials, but are fools.

        Especially in the gun rights arena we have gun confiscation idiots who absolutely refuse to learn the basics of firearms operation or the surrounding laws, yet want to lecture us. They wear their ignorance like a badge of honor. Morons.

  3. Another voice on the “riots are good” angle: Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, who seems to be trying for the “worst AG in history” award. In MA, that is a very tough challenge, considering the long history of criminality in that office.
    “Yes, America is burning. But that is how forests grow.”

    Amazing to see an alleged AG speaking approvingly of arson. I’m glad to live in NH rather than MA — here, deadly force is authorized against arson.

  4. Is it illegal to express a desire that one day their brains is the light of day?

  5. What would be interesting is to listen in on the leaders of the ‘protests’ [riots] as they celebrate their successes and plan their new demands for tomorrow.

    • I saw an interview last night with Shelby Steele. One interesting observation he made is that in past demonstrations, the leaders came up with a large laundry list of “demands”. This time around, there aren’t any, nothing specific that is. In other words, we have lots of noise and fury but no one offering any recommendations for actions to be taken, let alone stepping up to take action himself.
      He also mentioned that 75% of black children are born out of wedlock, or in fatherless households. I knew the number was bad but I had no idea it was so crazy bad.

      • The demands are just starting. In Seattle, they demanded a 50% budget cut for SPD which was rejected, but the protesters seem to be planing on protests until they get justice (whatever that is).

        From what I’m seeing reported ‘justice’ seems to be that no force is allowed, especially by white guys. In Chicago, the mayor even criticized white guys defending their neighborhood with baseball bats as viliganties.

        Is this where we are headed?

        • Minneapolis city council wants to get rid of the PD. Los Angeles is talking about (or actually doing?) big cuts in PD budgets.
          One might ask which districts are going to be cut the most. I assume not the ones where the rich revolutionaries live, but rather the already crime-ridden poor minority districts.

  6. And I’m already reading and hearing complaints that Minneapolis has a new food desert, and it’s now hard for people to get groceries and get to a (non-charred) drugstore. I thought that would have taken longer, actually.

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