We went for a drive

Barb and I have been on the more cautious side of the behavior spectrum in regards to avoiding risk of COVID-19. We have been going on almost daily walks but haven’t gone on any hikes in the woods and mountains like we usually would have by now. Last weekend we decided we would go for a drive and at least visit the mountains and enjoy the view of them from my car.

I found a place that looked like it had good views and we had never been. It’s the parking lot for the Alpental ski area:


It’s about a 45 minute drive from our place and I figured we could get out and walk around the parking lot some without having to worry about the whole social distancing thing on narrow trails. I expected something similar to what you see in the picture above.

We were surprised to find the parking lot almost completely full of cars with lots of people. Apparently my idea and choice of locations was not all that novel.

We managed to find a parking spot and took some pictures. There wasn’t much walking though. The weather and views were great so we accomplished our mission to get out of the house and do something a little special for our current circumstances and more like the normal we are looking forward to.






One thought on “We went for a drive

  1. Really surprised to read this! Guess we had taken as an abstract the fact that people are actually still hiding out in their homes – whether by choice, scared of a virus with a 99.7% recovery rate, or by fiat – imposed by a tyrannical local government! Here in Northern Gila County in Central Arizona, life goes on pretty much as it always has. I have worked my usual 2 days a week in the local hardware store, since the beginning of this Chi-Com Flu foolishness (eschewing the stupidity of masks or gloves), and sitting at home the last two nights, had no idea the extent of the rioting and destruction going on in the rest of the country until I read news online the next morning!

    How wonderfully normal it is to live in peaceful, well-armed, rural America!!

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