Quote of the day—Ryan Fournier @RyanAFournier

The Democrats started with like 20 candidates and Joe Biden was the cream of the crop.

Just think about that for a minute…

Ryan Fournier @RyanAFournier
Tweeted on May 24, 2020
[H/T to Adam McIntosh.

One might argue there are other explanations..

A rather remote alternate hypothesis is that the primary voting was fraudulent and some powerful group put Biden in as the apparent nominee so as to be able to replace him with someone who could not have won the nomination via the normal primary process. But then that would mean they implemented a complicated and risky solution when they could have just used the fraudulent voting to put in their desired candidate in place instead of Biden.

Another alternate hypothesis is that the nominating process is flawed and Biden is the candidate who happened to, perhaps by luck or skill of his handlers, come out ahead of better qualified candidates. But that means the Democrats are responsible for creating such a flawed system such that Biden became the presumptive nominee. Hence, if you accept this hypothesis you must conclude the Democrats party leaders are so incompetent that Biden came out on top via the catastrophically flawed system they created. That should give lots of reassurance when you consider voting Democrat.

I don’t see any other plausible hypothesis to explain the current situation. Hence, I’m inclined to agree with Fournier, Biden is the best they have to offer.—Joe]


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  1. I think the ‘flawed process’ hypothesis is largely true, but would suggest that it’s not purely a Democrat problem. As it stands, most Federal offices are so highly contentious that you’re unlikely to find a decent/sincere/earnest/fair person who is willing to run for it. Instead you get people self selecting until you are left with mostly scheming unscrupulous power brokers and people who are so clueless they are willing to be mouthpieces for the power brokers.
    Both sides suffer from this to some degree or another. Once in a while someone disrupts the system by speaking the truth/standing by their principles, but this usually makes them a pariah amongst politicritters and so their careers are cut short in some way or another.

    So Really, Biden may have risen to the top, but in a topsy-turvy political world where the cream sinks to the bottom.

    • Life is like a septic tank. The big pieces float to the top.

  2. Another factor at play is that the Democratic party represents a broad spectrum of voters – from those that only want to tax most of your money to give to those citizens who don’t really deserve it, to those that want to tax all of your money, to give to an entire world who doesn’t really deserve it. The Socialists don’t play well with the moderates. They are united though in wanting to take your guns.

  3. “Best” begs the question, For Whom?

    A plausible third option to those already offered is that it was always the strategy of Hillary Clinton that she be installed as a last minute replacement for the Democratic candidate in early/mid-October in conformance to the already established DNC policy deployed in the Robert Torricelli candidacy in 2002.

    Hillary has had a number of her supporters ensconced in DNC positions of influence for months now, so effecting such a strategy is certainly a plausible expectation for her to entertain. There have been a slow but steady trail of “scandals” revealed about her over the course of 2020, setting up her campaign defense of “old news/already debunked” for the critical few weeks of late October/early November. The Trump campaign has to expend most of its campaign efforts against Biden (or whoever the DNC candidate turned out to be), reducing the time and money available to oppose Hillary Clinton specifically.

    Not an unreasonable proposition, I think.

  4. will brown:


    the dimmo’s have little choice but to dump biden, if “the donald” happens to tear him a new rear end in the debates … he will make it at least that far, i suspect. but, if he gets that far he will be exposed as the befuddled twit he is.
    in that case it is a brokered convention, and in that case it is the old retread hillary one more time. and, if so, i suspect a clinton and a.o.c. tandem emerges from the fray …. ridiculous?

    nope, not when you consider the support a.o.c. has from the idiot wing of the dimmo’s, and young leftists and feminists. and, of course, hillary still has considerable support from the moderate idiot wing of the demo’s.

    i think a formidable ticket, all in all. much harder for the donald to overcome than biden, who is extremely damaged goods. not to mention lamebrained at this point in his life.

    • AOC is currently 30 years old. Her birthday is October 13th so she will be 31 when she would need to be sworn in if she was on the ticket and won.

      According to the U.S. constitution one must be 35 to become POTUS, and via the 12th Amendment this age restriction is extended to the VP as well. While I’m certain minor impediments such as the U.S. Constitution are of no concern to Democrat leadership it probably would reduce the number of voters who would support her taking the VP position.

      • If AOC were to appear on the ticket, electoral votes for her would not be valid (12th Amendment). That would presumably leave the VP vote without a majority. And that would put the VP election into the Senate, from the two highest remaining. Most likely that would mean Pence would end up elected, as the only other VP candidate with any electoral votes.

  5. Joe Biden is the best of the Any Body But Bernie group to the old Democratic party chiefs.
    Bernie and the bros ran circles around the rest of the field.
    Screw Bernie and his bros, they are only democrats once every four years or so the bosses believe.
    I think the party leaders thought the 1998 version of Uncle Joe would be acceptable to the party stalwarts, union voters and minorities. The problem is the 2020 version of Crazy Joe makes Evil Orange Man look scholarly by comparison.

    I wonder who will be his VP pick? Real progressive/ socialist or old party hack?

    • I’m 99% certain that it’ll be a brokered convention, and someone else ushered in as the actual candidate. There will likely be a convenient “unexpected medical episode” with Biden to make it more palatable to the average Dem, but it’s almost certain a replacement will be found. The problem is all the “likely” candidates have a LOT of baggage, or are particularly unlikable, and the same for the potential VPs. For example, with the whole George Floyd riots going on, it turns out that the primary offending cop in question (Derek Chauvin) is one with a history of problems, and those problems intersect with Klobuchar, so she’d be out even if she didn’t have such a metric boatload of anti-charisma. Lieawatha has more than a few credibility problems, and really shitty debate skills. Etc.

      i’m leaning towards thinking that Clinton will be the candidate because there are no others, and it will shield her from prosecution for the various crimes she is informally being tagged with and likely investigated for. But the VP? Appeal to the lunatic fringe with someone like AOC? (unlikely as that would make an all-female ticket, and the visual comparison in the energy between them would make Clinton look even worse) Appeal to the Old Guard and Latinos with someone like Julian Castro? Maybe, but that has the wrong “feel” to it. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer? Not after recent events with the dams, and how she’s handled the Covid19 thing.

      All the possible/likely names are either really old, have horrible optics and loads of baggage, or are likely to be under indictment soon (or all 3). It’s a head-scratcher, but watching the wheels slowly come off the Dem wagon is interesting to watch.

      If it -is- Biden for the actual top of the ticket, then the VP choice becomes critical, because if Biden wins than the VP will end up as the 47th president; Biden won’t last the term. On the other hand, the debates would be an absolute hoot to watch.

    • Biden already said he’ll pick a women for VP, and given the current rioting he’ll be forced to make it a black woman. Is there a prominent Democrat politician of that description who is not a far-left extremist? There might be but I can’t think of one.

      • I believe Stacy Abrams is the current favorite in the black woman category.

        Or at least, she’s the only noteworthy name that keeps popping back up like a case of crabs.

        • Unlikely to be “Tank” Abrams. Her condescending sneer, entitled attitude, lack of knowlege and IQ points, would add a large boat-anchor to an already uphill climb Biden faces. Part of the reason the Dems went with him, other than the corruption and fact they totally own him, is that they claim he polled better with blacks than the rest of the field did, so that demographic is already largely tied down, at least on paper. So they don’t “need” another way to boost turnout in that voter-space unless their internal polls are revealing he’s a REALLY bad candidate. If he does go in that direction, it’s a tacit admission they are about to throw in the towel.

  6. The Democrats are now naked (yuck-brain bleach) socialists and so radical that the turd Biden floated to the top. All of them are despicable; he was just less offensive, and chosen so as to get votes from some undiscerning independents.

    I still believe the Hildabeast will be picked to fill in for him at their virtual convention.

  7. On the theory that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I’m subscribed to the Obama email list and the DNC list. Biden is the only candidate that got any email love. They started tooting his horn at the beginning of 2019. The writing was on the wall last June that Biden was the candidate. Everybody poo poo’d me. Guess I was right. Both party nominations are in the bag long before Iowa, just subscribe to the email lists. You’ll see.

  8. An interesting idea, though I suspect internal power blocs within the DNC were putting their thumb on the scales (or to keep your analogy, the record player’s speed switch) to nudge out less… malleable candidates.

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