Achievement unlocked

My USPSA Range Officer certification expires on June 30th. I took the test today to recertify and passed:


Shortly after I started the test I received the following email:

2020 Berrys Bullets Area 1 Championship
Area 1 WILL CONTINUE AS SCHEDULED! There will be some protocols in place to help ensure current governing social distancing guidelines. The most notable, for competitors, will be assigned schedules for gate entry and walk through opportunity. Competitors will receive a future email with the assigned schedules and printable gate entry pass that corresponds with schedule. We are asking that competitors limit guests to one guest per competitor. We are looking forward to forward to seeing everyone and there are still rooms available at the following match hotels, which have graciously extended the cut off date to June 19th…

I signed up for the Area 1 Championship several months ago but due to working extremely long hours at work for several months, combined with the Corona virus lockdown, I haven’t practiced since about the first week of January. I’m going to have to remedy that in a big way or else plan on an extremely dismal performance if I participate in the Area 1 Championship Match.

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  1. Your “re-familiarization” will be interesting (the bullets come out the front, in case you needed a refresher….).

    A few years back I went most of a year “matchless” for a variety of reasons, and made a return without any practice. During Stage 1 I managed to recall the mantra “pointy end first when reloading,” and by the end of Stage 2 I had remembered that funny orange thing on the front of the gun was a sight blade. For some reason I did remember how the trigger operated right from the start, just not how to do it. Since I run a rotary rather than a reciprocator, it took until Stage 5 to recompute “grip re-assembly after reloading.” By the end of stage 6 the holes were much closer together and were appearing faster, but the timer still hated me, and it took until the end of the eighth and last stage to establish even a partial reconciliation with it.

    Since then I’ve incorporated two of the same group of five drills into every practice (always “El Presidente” at 25 feet because it’s short – 2 cylinder-fulls – and forces a reload and it’s a good baseline measure, plus it can be run even on a “restricted” indoor range, using three 3X5 or 4X6 cards taped on one large target and starting from low ready; a tip: bring your own piece of cardboard, 12″H X 36-40″W), then one of the other 4 chosen at random, Dot Torture is a much hated favorite, as is the late Todd Green’s F.A.S.T. drill…); running them against the timer and logging the results provides a useful record of skills atrophy and “rapidity of recovery.”

    Still ain’t nuthin’ like the first stage adrenaline dump of a timer beep in front of a herd of fellow competitors, tho…

  2. I am scheduled for a rimfire Steel Challenge event in June. It should be embarrassing.

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