A picture is worth a thousand words

Via Claire @eatplaypraylive who says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”:


The picture in the lower left is probably Photoshopped. I don’t believe any of the others are and there are LOT pictures and video on the web which collaborate the behavior shown.

Via Defiance Lady @defiance_lady who says, “If the shoe fits.”:



10 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words

      • To reference Willie Sutton (or Lucky Luciano, depending on the source), “He joined the right mob.”

    • He’s a dem. Such public displays of lack of accountability are used to demoralize the good people of the nation and move the overton window towards accepting pedos past “born that way” to “just another lifestyle choice.” But the time of impalements, auto de fete, and public gibbeting may make a comeback sooner than you might thing. Keep the ammo stocked and the pitchfork tines honed.

      • As the meme says; It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.
        But as you point out. There’s an interesting difference in being in a big club. And actually having a big club.
        Look up; Rules for the Graham Combat Kill house.

  1. Creepy Joe hasn’t named the woman who will be his VP candidate yet because he’s looking for the one whose hair smells nicest to him.

    On a minor side topic, it’s corroborate, not collaborate.
    Autocorrect is the work of the Devil, and whoever invented it should go straight to hello.

  2. Here’s what I don’t understand: at least 13 different individuals – most of them minors – are shown in these well-circulated pictures, spanning a decade or more. Their images are included in every meme and click-bait derision of Biden…yet no one in any of those families has ever said anything. No outraged father has ever confronted him, or better yet, sent him to the deck. If he – or anyone – pulled that crap with either of my underage daughters, they’d have been picking up teeth.

    Are these people so smitten by the hair plugs or the ‘sen’ or ‘vp’ after his name, that they allow these assaults?? Are they just democrap political sheep?? Many of the pictures include fathers. Are they not bothered or embarrassed to be seen as the TWUNTS that they are?


    • When you are a celebrity you can get away with an amazing level of misbehavior. If some homeless guy in dirty clothes, who hadn’t had a bath in a month, did that sort of thing to someone’s child there would be a high likelihood of that being the last voluntary act of their lives.

      I suspect there is some sort of sociological prewiring which makes it acceptable. After all, there has been widespread belief of Droit du seigneur as a real thing although modern historians generally doubt it was a thing in medieval Europe.

      • People are wired to emulate people in positions of power and leadership. That’s why the cabal / left pushes so many freaks into positions of power. It’s part of the way they “normalize” things that are, if common (as opposed to just the occasional 4SD odd), to destroy a society. For example, a handful of promiscuous gays doesn’t significantly affect the breeding population (and historically the disease-load they incur kills them off fairly quickly, anyway), but if you convince 30% of the population to act that way then your nation implodes.

        It should be easy to model: most people choose to have children, and most of those choose to have 2 or 3; run the numbers on retirement age, expected lifespan, illness cost, etc., and see what percentage make the system unsustainable past two generations, unless you import your own population replacements (immigrants) for elder care… we know how that went for the Greeks, the Romans, and anyone else who allowed in large number of immigrants / slaves and rampant unwed promiscuity and non-reproductive members social standing above “criminal.”

        My “back of envelope” calcs say with current average retirement age, lifespan, and benefits desired, it’s less than 10%. We are currently sporting numbers way above that, and hey, SS and medicare and the rest are effectively insolvent. huh. How’s that going to work out?

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