6 thoughts on “Gun control is misogynistic

  1. Where is Greta Thunberg on this, with her signature, “How DARE you?” act?;
    “How DARE you even THINK of disarming The People?!”

    If it could save the life of just one child, or just one mother, sister or daughter, shouldn’t we all be armed at all times?

    If it could save the life of just one child, shouldn’t we rid the world of any and all forms of authoritarianism, particularly the Progressive left, the papacy and the Jesuits, and restore America as a world beacon for liberty? To do that though, we’d need first to eliminate the two political parties and purge all the offices of government, right down to the janitors and window washers. then deport all leftists of all flavors and stripes, and start over fresh.

    That of course will never happen. For one thing we don’t have the understanding, nor the the kind of resolve which can only come from that understanding. Thus no one would even understand what we were doing, not even ourselves. For another; the Romish left (including Republicans), the servants of the dragon, will turn this planet into a smoking, bloody and festering ruin rather than see The Perfect Law of Liberty reign in the hearts of Men.

    No; instead I expect we’ll foment something akin to the French Revolution, a whole lot of killing will ensue, then we’ll slide right back into some fresh form of authoritarianism, having had no real idea, the whole time, what we were fighting for, or against.

    • I appreciate your rhetoric and it easy to see why you will never receive any cogent response to it. It would however be interesting to see some progressive attempt it. There is certainly a Catch-22 in it for them. Not unlike the humor my son-in-law sent me last week. “Consider for a moment, the dilemma an atheist faces when waiting at a green light behind a car with a bumper sticker that reads, ‘Honk if you Love Jesus’.”

      • I, too, appreciate Lyle’s post, especially his comments on the relationship between resolve and understanding which I think is quite useful to think about.

        But what will have me grinning and chuckling to myself for weeks is the joke (as well as its relevance as a response to the OP) about “Honk if you love Jesus,” Thanks for passing that along.

    • And the gods of the copybook headings. With terror and slaughter return!

  2. “Gun control is the assertion that a woman raped and strangled in an alley is somehow morally superior to one who shoots her attacker stone dead.”

  3. All armed protesters should wear a shirt that sez. Why? BFYTW! Just to answer the commie/media/politician’s questions ahead of time.

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