Dear FBI, We urge you to disobey the law

A bunch of U.S. Senate Democrats wrote a letter to the FBI and ATF :

We write to urge you to take appropriate steps to promote public safety and responsible firearm ownership in the wake of surging gun sales across the country.1 According to recent news reports, gun shops and ammunition dealers have experienced a massive uptick in purchases, particularly from first-time buyers experiencing coronavirus-related anxiety. We are concerned that this surge is overwhelming the National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS), and that federal firearms licensees (FFLs) need new guidance to effectively handle it.

We fear that a drastic increase in gun sales in response to the coronavirus pandemic could overwhelm NICS and allow prohibited individuals to obtain firearms through “default proceeds.”

Under current regulations, all incomplete background check records must be deleted from NICS within 90 days. Because the pandemic and recovery may last longer than 90 days, the FBI should issue an emergency directive to maintain all background-check information related to transactions with an “open” status for 90 days beyond the current state of emergency as the president proclaimed under the National Emergencies Act.

They are urging a government agency to ignore the law.

It’s nice of them to make it clear they believe the law does not apply to them. This should make a conviction easier.


16 thoughts on “Dear FBI, We urge you to disobey the law

  1. This is just ripe for malfeasance on the part of the gun grabbers. I am getting feed up with the notion that a Chinese virus supersede U.S. law much less the Constitution of the United States. There is a very good reason for the up tick in firearm sales and I am sure the leftists are losing sleep over it which makes me kind of happy.
    Keep your powder dry.

  2. Also, if the background check is not completed in 3 days the gun can be released to the purchaser.
    Now, the BATF told my boss at the time that if he let a gun go out of the shop without their approval number. They would find a way to close him down. So no guns left the shop until they gave the OK. But congress wouldn’t know that about the ATF extortion.

      • Medford, Oregon. But I’m sure ATF criminality knows no boundaries.

    • A local gun dealer now nearly closes his shop when the ATF come to do an audit. In the past he set them up in a comfortable location in the back, provided them with all the documents they requested and just left them to do their thing.

      He walked in on them using a digital camera to take pictures of every 4473 in his books. He kicked them out of the back room and set them up in the shop where he could keep an eye on them at all times.

      Now when they show up, they get set up in the front and many of his customers turn around and walk out when the ATF agents are in the store.

      • Ya, one of their favorite tricks was to just start grabbing guns to check against the book. Then turn around and start asking about where this gun is, or that gun. Just to rattle you.
        It worked the first time. Like your friend. you have to just tell them what to do. We will start with this rifle rack, then move to the handguns. You feel like a kindergarten teacher by the end of the day.

  3. The FBI… After seeing all the articles with regards to Flynn and other shenanigans, it appears that they are already breaking the law left right and center…

  4. Breaking the law in pursuit of a leftist agenda, isn’t a novel concept for the FBI.

    • What else can you expect from an agency that still has the name J. Edgar Hoover on its headquarters building?

  5. I’m with pkoning

    Everytime I see a news story, a movie or a TV show that features a shot of the Hoover building I ask myself “In what alternate universe is this acceptable to the people of any nation?”
    The corruption and criminality of our government is pretty much endless.
    If only there was a restart button……

    • Having the FBI in the Hoover building is analogous to having the DoJ civil rights division in the Taney building.

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