Quote of the day— Persuasion (@SonOfAlgos)

The only way the country is going to get back on its feet is to haul all Trumpers into Quarantine Camps, so they can’t run around infecting everyone else.

And just leave them there..permanently.


Persuasion (@SonOfAlgos)
Tweeted on May 5, 2020
[This is what they think of you.

This is why we have the Second Amendment.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day— Persuasion (@SonOfAlgos)

  1. The funny thing about his suggestion is that the Covid-19 pandemic is by far the worst in enclaves of liberals – the coastal cities. Out in flyover country, inhabited by Trumpers, the disease is well under control. In other words, it isn’t conservatives spreading disease, and it isn’t conservatives playing power politics and consolidating their tyranny by issuing confusing and often contradictory edicts.

  2. And, a few weeks / months later, those enlightened liberals will be so enlightened of their food and basic utilities that they’ll starve to death in the dark. I find it amusing that the majority of “necessary” workers are the sort of working-class, blue-collar, “low-education” folks like farmers and truckers who have been overlooked by the Rs and abused by the Ds for so long are now a core of Trump’s support. I saw one poll that said American farmers support Trump at about the 90% level. If accurate, then the coming Trumpslide will be absolutely epic, far beyond the margin of fraud.

  3. In this whole matter, Covid-19, as in most matters confronting the people of this country. Once again we have empirical proof that government is not the answer.. No matter whose running it.
    With interest we note that the, “conspiracy of failure”, seems to be going according to plan. Once again, no matter who’s running it. At some point one wants to stop the madness! But that wouldn’t be very entertaining, would it?

  4. You can see and read the mindset of the opposition. When you read about the City
    Government of Los Angeles talking about “commandeering” luxury hotels because they haven’t housed enough homeless people, you get the idea that they are edging closer and closer to the line that will require resistance and throw us into our next Civil War.

    Jeff B.

  5. So, can we put fences around NYFC, DC, LA, etc. and just call the rest of the country a “quarantine camp”? Save a lot on transportation costs.

  6. Who said we would go quietly into quarantine camps?

    SonofAlgos is ingesting too many mind-altering drugs.

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