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The assault weapon ban is fine, as far as it goes. But since a real handgun ban is unlikely, to what extent can Canadians feel safer?

Hamilton Spectator
May 5, 2020
Assault-style weapon ban is like Swiss cheese–The majority gun crimes involve handguns. This legislation doesn’t address that at all.
[I find the phrase “feel safer” very telling.

The author could have said, “… to what extent will Canadians actually be safer?” Or “… a real handgun ban is required to improve safety.” That they said, “feel safer” strongly implies they know gun bans won’t make the average person safer. They apparently have some motive other than public safety when they advocate for gun bans.

Since this is Canada it’s more difficult to get traction with a principled statement of rights. But that doesn’t mean the victimized gun owners don’t have verbal tools to fight back with.

People need to demand gun control advocates openly state their motive for restrictions on self-defense tools. If they claim public safety, then demand they supply the data that restrictions achieve that goal.—Joe]


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  1. It makes perfect sense for Canada to ban civil ownership of assault rifles and rocket launchers because of a murder spree committed mostly with government owned weapons.

    • Frankly, anyone willing to turn over 100% monopoly on the possession of useful firearms to their government has no business pretending to be in a democratic society. Mao was right, political power flows from the barrel of a gun. If you’re incapable of being armed, either by law or because of personal inclination, you don’t have rights. You have whatever the government people with the guns say you have, solely in their benevolence. This is repugnant.

      Therefore, in the interest of ensuring what is necessary to the security of a free state, I modestly propose the following to eliminate voter fraud:

      – Voting locations shall be restricted to public or private shooting ranges. (Private for-profit ranges shall be compensated with a tax credit in the amount the average business they do on a Tuesday.)
      – Voters will be required to show up with their own firearm, loaded, in an accepted militia caliber: 9mm, .40, .45 pistol; .223, .308 rifle; 20g, 12g shotgun. Nothing against other calibers, but we must consider what would be supplied to individuals from public sources if a public defense was warranted. Persons in legitimate financial distress may be loaned a public single-shot firearm.
      – The voter will be checked against the equivalent of a NICS check to check for prohibited persons. Prohibited persons with firearms will be arrested on the spot. For the purpose of eliminating bureaucratic fiat in determining a prohibited person, only those individuals that have been prohibited by a jury of their peers, for a period of time set in sentencing by that jury, shall be in that system.
      – The voter will leave their ID at the check-in station, be taken to a shooting lane, unload and show clear. The voter will then be provided with a ballot laser-burned on-site according to their voter registration, which is also tied into the NICS-equivalent system to ensure one vote per person, per issue.
      – When the individual is done voting, they will put the ballot into a holding frame with a metal tube oriented to the lower-right corner. The individual will be provided with one colored frangible round, in appropriate caliber, by the voting staff. The individual will load the round and fire it into the tube, guaranteeing a proper shot placement on the ballot even if the individual is 100% blind. This will provide a unique physical marking on the ballot to ensure authenticity. The voter will deposit their ballot in a sealed ballot-box. The voter will retrieve their ID on the way out, which triggers the NICS-equivalent system to mark the voter as participating in the issues on their printed ballot.
      – No vote-by-mail, but because the ballot can be printed anywhere, on the spot, you can vote wherever you happen to be. If necessary, portable firing ranges in 40′ containers can be brought in.
      – The Huffman family farm may be a voting location along the Boomershoot firing line.

      I’m sure I can tweak the details a little, but that’s the gist of my modest proposal.

  2. The commie’s entire position is one based on emotion. Facts never support anything they have ever done. From covid-19 to Marx, and all the murders in between.
    We keep thinking we can get them to “snap out of it”, presenting them with facts/studies. Even Occam’s razor appears dull when used on shit-lib commies. So, I quit. Defense is a human right. Just like breathing. I don’t ask permission. Any appeal to authority over it is illegitimate, based only in force.

    • Self defense is a natural right. Even mushrooms understand self defense. (Ask any amanita.)

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