Quote of the day—Josh Horwitz

As the world faces the COVID-19 public health emergency, America is still grappling with another public health crisis: gun violence.

Gun violence and the COVID-19 pandemic are inextricably linked. As Americans are asked to stay home, many might be in closer proximity to guns for longer periods of time. This is a concern because even under normal circumstances, guns do not make us safer. Guns do not make us more secure. Guns do not improve the health of the general public.

Josh Horwitz
May 1, 2020
Via email. See also here.
[And proximity to cars and ladders make us more likely to be injured while using one. But this ignores the utility of these objects. Horwitz not only ignores their utility, he denies their ability of firearms to be used to increase personal and public safety.

Horwitz is liar and a threat to the rights and safety of everyone and should be treated as such.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Josh Horwitz

  1. It is hard to have an argument with someone like Josh so divorced from history, reality, facts, human nature, and our rights.

    Everything he said is a lie. I am far safer from criminals and a rogue government when armed versus being disarmed. Firearm accidents are at an all time low and were never that numerous anyway. Proximity and number of firearms has been dramatically on the rise in America for decades and there is no issue with it.

    He is irrelevant. He is a proven liar. He is anti-American scum. He is a fool.

  2. The little Red will trot out all sorts of falsified statistics (you know about figures and liars…) to support his bunch of “do nots”.

    He did not (😉) mention the concept or idea of rights throughout…

    Sat Cong.

    Jeff B.

    • They don’t get to use “safety” meme after Richmond. 22,000 mostly armed, and not even an AD to report.
      Sat Cong indeed!

    • Well, you have to have peered directly into the mind of the leftist elite, having gained its confidence and thus learned its innermost secrets. Unfortunately I hung out with and partied with leftist professors for many years, and so (again, unfortunately) I understand their doctrines quite well.

      It goes thus;

      “Rights”, you say? Hah! The left touts all sorts of “rights” don’t you know. They assert the “right” to housing, to a job paying a “living wage”, to adequate nutrition, to healthcare, transportation, even to recreation, etc., etc., ad nauseum (meaning of course that all these things are to be “provided” by acts of government-perpetrated coercion, i.e. piracy. Of course a few “smart” people (namely the professors I partied with, at least in their own minds) are to make the decisions for all as to how to “redistribute” hard enough and brutally enough to make it all “adequate” and “equitable”.

      And so the leftist agitators’ answer to you? “We assert our “right” to be “free” from guns and gun violence! Furthermore, of course and by pure and simple logic; we assert our right to be free of you!

      In short; wholesale coercion is a “right” and wholesale coercion is “freedom”. To deny an authoritarian such “rights” and “freedom” is an “injustice”. And so they long for “justice”, which we keep denying them.

      And that’s when the mass killing and looting starts being planned. It takes only a few moments for all this to come together into solid doctrine, or about as long as it took Cain to kill Able.

      In short; un-leashed, unrestricted, unmitigated piracy is their ultimate form of both liberty and justice.

      Thus, the communists, the Marxists, Progressives (including Democrats and Republicans), the papists, “evangelicals”, and common criminals, all together, just like we, can put their hands to their hearts and say “…Liberty and Justice for All!” with no sense of contradiction, irony or guilt whatsoever.

      It is in fact a global, religion/state conglomeration (in total, pointed and specific opposition to the teachings of Christ, by the way), and so you’d best get your mind wrapped around that concept else you will have failed to discern the nature of the tactical landscape.

      • It always sounds good and logical to them. Until someone applies that same anarchy to their playhouse.
        Then oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

  3. Uh huh. I’d personally feel – and be – safer if the various state governments would stop releasing criminals…

  4. “Gun violence and the COVID-19 pandemic are inextricably linked.”

    Of course! That’s always been the mindset. They only needed the Next Big Thing to put it into stark relief! It will now forever be;

    “[The authoritarian cause of the day] and the COVID-19 pandemic are inextricably linked.”

    It’s along the lines of Jimmy Carter using the catchphrase, “Moral Equivalent of War”.

    Hey, whatever works to further the cause of total authority.

    I therefore refuse hereafter to use any other descriptor for it besides “COVID-19 Scandal” or “COVID Scandal” because, whether totally real and honestly portrayed, whether totally imagined and falsified, or real but exaggerated, it will have become a scandal in that it’s already being used to ramp up and secure false authority. There’s no other way this plays out.

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