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On the heels of a mass shooting rampage in Canada, a nation with some of the strictest gun laws in the hemisphere—laws the gun prohibition lobby would like this country to emulate, were it not for the pesky Second Amendment—Biden’s gun control agenda is unlikely to win any converts in the firearms community, and it will give U.S. gun owners plenty to think about as November draws closer.

Dave Workman
April 21, 2020
Biden Website Reveals Alarming Gun Control Agenda
[Workman leaves it a little bit ambiguous on a minor point. There is a difference between “plenty” of evidence to think about and the amount of time given to thought about Biden as President of the U.S.

Biden’s mental faculties have been degrading at an alarming rate. I wouldn’t be surprised to see live appearances halted before November to avoid the instances of him talking to lamp posts, nibbling on tree branches, and inviting children to rub the hair on his legs.

His gun control agenda is extremely problematic but knowing, should he become the President elect, he is likely to be unable to repeat the oath of office* by the end of January is going be of greater concern.—Joe]

* As if the oath has been of any importance to any of the presidents in the last 200 years.


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  1. Only thing you need to know about Biden’s gun control policies is that he’s already announced that he’ll appoint Robert Francis “Hell yes I’m going to take you ARs” O’Rourke as his gun control czar.

    P.S. It looks like he or his handlers have already started issuing written statements in lieu of appearing on camera.

  2. Having seen several running mate ideas for Biden being floated, it would seem very prudent to examine the VP choice as rigorously or more so than worrying about Biden. It says a lot about how political strings get pulled when no one is publicly pulling the fire alarm bell on Mr. Biden but this sure looks like we are getting set up for sure. Some of the scenarios that I have seen about several possible VPs are downright scary. I would not expect any Democrat VP to be a benign as Gerald Ford for sure.

    • If Biden were to be elected we could end up with an interesting situation…

      Isn’t the VP supposed to take over if/when the President is incapacitated? But what if the President elect is so incapacitated he is unable to go through the process of becoming the President?

      • Pink Floyd’s,”comfortably numb” comes to mind. (that will keep you going for the show, come on, its time to go.) VP pick will be the next president. If they were floating the 25A to get rid of Trump. Joe Biden is a “No Brainer” candidate. (pun attempted).

      • I wrote the first chapter of a novel with a similar plot, but haven’t figured out how to take it further.
        The answer depends on when. People tend to speak of the person who comes out on top in the November elections as the “president-elect” but that is not actually correct. The president-elect is picked by the meeting of the electors (Dec 14 for the current cycle). If he dies or fails to qualify after that date, the VP-elect becomes president (20th Amendment). If he’s merely unfit, that doesn’t apply, so he would still be sworn in, at which point the 25th Amendment can be applied.
        If the candidate we think of as the chosen one from the November election dies or is otherwise not available, neither amendment applies; instead, things will now get very interesting because the Electors would have to vote for someone else. That would presumably be the winning VP candidate, but the Constitution says nothing about that. (And in addition the electors who vote theVP candidate for president would then have to pick someone else for VP.)

        The plot line I was playing with is an accident that kills both winning candidates (pres and VP both) shortly after the November elections.

  3. The dumber the better. If the party could run a robot candidate, having no mind of its own whatsoever but only speaking when and what it is programmed to speak, I’m sure they would prefer to do so. I can only assume that the Republicans would do likewise if they could. It’s a Political Axiom, as follows;

    A) Each politician chooses an alliance.

    B) Each alliance comes with a script, and each script forms a narrative.

    C) Having a mind of ones own is therefore inconvenient for the alliance.
    D) The ideal party politician has no mind at all.

  4. Speaking of mental faculties:

    ““Suppose that we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light and I think you said that it hasn’t been checked and you’re going to test it… Suppose you can bring the light inside the body”

    “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in one minute. Is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning … it would be interesting to check that.”

    -President Trump

    Biden’s mentally weak, no question, but Trump has no advantage in that department. And Trump says more crazy shit in an hour than Biden does in a week.

      • If you really believe he was being sarcastic, I have some beachfront property to sell you….

        Seriously, you don’t actually believe the whole “Oh, I was just being sarcastic” thing is anything less than an attempt to retract a stupid statement, do you?

        Wrt Pkoning’s assertion of “he’s being an entrepreneur, floating wild ideas,” he said the next day he was being sarcastic and didn’t mean it as a serious idea.

        So which is it?

          • Which is it? Was he lying yesterday, or is he lying today? Because you can’t have it both ways (well, not within the bounds of logic, anyway).

            Biden’s worthless, we all agree on that. I just want to see a Trump supporter admit, just once, that Trump means what he says, and when he says stupid stuff it’s not because he’s being sarcastic, it’s because he doesn’t know what he’s saying.

            Trump’s an idiot, and we all know it. His supporters keep him around because he’s a useful idiot.

          • A choice of mentally-fuzzy septuagenarians is not much of a choice.

            I’m voting LP. Again. Oh, the LP’s pick won’t win, but I’m not going to vote a “least awful” when the big-party men are both so incoherent.

          • And since when would admitting anything to one such as you change your mind, John?
            How about this. I voted for Trump to be a wrecking ball in DC. I don’t care what he is, or isn’t. I saw the same rabid hate for Bush. I didn’t like him either. But a cultural shift had been put in place to the point of exorcist style mouth foaming. At mention of the man’s name.
            And here we are again.

          • Change my mind about what? We’re already in agreement that Biden sucks, the question is, can we have a discussion where Trump’s true nature is on the table, or are you going to continue to pretend he’s an intelligent person making well-considered decisions and not just a crazy old man spitting out whatever random shit pops into his head?

            (Yes, Biden’s an old dude barfing up a dog’s breakfast as well. But his frequency of stupid is orders of magnitude less than Trump, who can’t go five minutes without tweeting something easily proven wrong/crazy by a 30-second Google search.)

            Your wrecking ball analogy doesn’t really work. Sure, for a few years stuff gets torn down. But it can all be rebuilt. And one of the side effects is to galvanize the other side, encouraging them to be even less reasonable when it’s their turn for power. At which point we’re gonna get all kinds of crazy liberal shit instead of crazy conservative shit. And the crazy liberal shit is where gulags come from, so I’d prefer they be pushed towards reason, not galvanized towards some new utopian project that involves crushing their enemies.

            Libertarianism isn’t a perfect solution, but at least it tries for balance and rationality instead of wrecking balls.

          • Why do we need to have a discussion about Trump anything? He has the same lying, egotistical nature that every president in known history has had.
            And maybe i’m wrong. (I am a lot). About the only thing we’ve heard from you is the same “Orange man bad”, that we get from all the commies?
            And if discussing Trump’s nature is what passes for, constructive libertarian solutions? You got an MT’er head than mine.

          • >>Why do we need to have a discussion about Trump anything?

            Because Joe’s original post critiques Biden’s mental faculties. It follows that a comparison with Trump’s mental faculties is valid.

          • That’s right. BIDEN’S mental faculties. As for gun control. There’s nothing to compare.

    • The mark of a good entrepreneur is the ability to suggests wild ideas to investigate, things that others have either overlooked or dismissed out of hand as too silly to consider.
      As the old saying goes “you can’t win if you don’t buy the ticket”. If you don’t ask questions, you can’t come up with new discoveries. That’s what’s going on here.
      It’s true that the left does not want new discoveries; they want the economy to collapse and try to blame Trump for it. And while a lot of ideas Trump tosses around may not go anywhere, it’s possible that some of them will, and be beneficial. If so, that’s good for us even if it is bad for anti-American politicians.

    • Well, as long as he makes your fat little heads all ‘plody. He’s doing exactly what we elected him to do. Why? BFYTW.

  5. Nearly all the other Democrat leaders have endorsed Biden now. That is, they have publicly declared that they want a senile molester to be President. Voters need to be reminded of this every time one of these ant-Americans appears in public.

  6. “Gun control” is not based on reason, logic or facts. It is based EXCLUSIVELY on emotions. An appeal to the Amygdala inside the brain, not to the frontal cortex.
    Attempts to reason with committed gun grabbers is pointless as they are incapable of rational thought. The vast majority of the power base that votes for the Demonrats function this way….through feelings rather than logic. The handful of people they vote for DO grasp reality, facts and logic. They simply don’t care as their agenda is POWER and they aren’t about to let anything as trivial as reality interfere.

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