Quote of the day—Evan Nappen

This is believed to be the first pro-gun rights decision ever issued unanimously by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Evan Nappen
April 17, 2020
New Jersey Permit to Carry Handgun Granted after Supreme Court Remand
[I wouldn’t have been all that surprised if it had been the first pro-gun rights decision ever issued by any New Jersey court. That state is well beyond toxic to the rights of gun owners.

Regardless, YAYYYYYYYY!!!!

Progress, one lawsuit at a time.

Via The Zelman Partisans @TheZelmanPartisans.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Evan Nappen

  1. You are considered a criminal until you prove otherwise here in NJ.

  2. One case at a time, with narrowly expressed issues is really the best process we can hope for. It took 57 years to excise Plessey v Ferguson and the “Separate but Equal” doctrine from American jurisprudence, and even longer to make American culture match the precepts of the Constitution. I hope it doesn’t take as long for this enumerated right, but small steps are the way, much like the small lines that immobilized Gulliver in Lilliput.

    • I’m not nearly as confident as you. The liberals don’t follow the Constitution. It’s that simple – they feel free to ignore the inconvenient portions and fabricate other parts (penumbras anyone?).

      • My, at least partial, counter to this is that the Federal judges being appointed are more inclined to follow the Constitution than those we have had for decades. If this continues for another four+ years it has the potential to turn things around.

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