Mental issues

If true, this explains a lot of things:


Via Milo Yiannopoulos @m.

Further analysis of the data is here.

I have questions about the validity of the above because I cannot find the original data. I did a “Poll Questions” search for “has a doctor or other healthcare provider ever told you that you have a mental health condition” on the Pew Research Center site without success.

I can find parts of Wave 64 referenced such as these:

This is the summary write up for public consumption of the survey results. But, I have not been able to find the question in the graphic despite searching for quite some time.


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    • It tracks. A doctor hands a liberal his bill. The liberal says isn’t the government going to pay this? Doctor, Are you nuts? Liberals of today are delusional. And why it tracks lower with age is just triage.

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