Social distancing

The title claims “Ultimate in Old School Social Distancing”. While carrying a rifle down the sidewalk with an extended bayonet would grant you greater social distancing for a few minutes I expect the distance would be considerably shortened by the end of your walk as the police stopped by to have a chat with you.

Also, I expect an experienced Boomershooter could maintain something much closer to “ultimate” distancing than someone using a bayonet to keep the distance.

9 thoughts on “Social distancing

  1. Are you going to have Boomershoot this year? I referred a reporter to you in the past year. She was writing something about a Libertarian rumor and needed a reliable person to talk to and I thought “Joe Huffman!” Did she ever contact you?

  2. “…. I expect an experienced Boomershooter could maintain something much closer to “ultimate” distancing…”

    Heh. (Copyright G. Reynolds)

    I wonder what a map of the U.S. would look like overlaid with about 80 million circles of 400 meter radius.

    • 400? That’s the starting distance! With good equipment and Gene’s crew providing some basic training anyone can park rounds at 400. Take that puppy to 900 with 600 minimum being a reliable “cold bore” range for most Boomershooters.

      You’d cover a lot of ground. A lot. Remember, we’re hunting 7 inch boxes at those ranges, not man-sized targets. Don’t need sub-MOA to maintain proper social distancing when you can dominate a square kilometer.

      Nothing says “Stay away!” than my Tikka in 6.5CM and the crosshairs on target.

  3. No toilet paper/ showering for a month might work also.( For those that don’t have bayonets.)

    • .223 is for field fire. 6.5CM is for getting down to business. Or .300WinMag or .338 Lapua or the venerable .308.

      I put down the .308 in 2018 and used 6.5CM. The poor .308 never came out of the case.

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