4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Carletta Whiting

  1. It is in times of unrest that the forces of evil will jump to consolidate their power and reach. What we see as inconvenience or danger, they see as opportunity and they’ll act accordingly. Every time.

    And that is what they’re doing, the sad repercussions of which will far outlast the memory of a mere viral outbreak. They’re busy as bees, setting “precedents” which will last into that great tribulation they are (wittingly or unwittingly it doesn’t matter a whit) engineering.

  2. The WI gov ordered all non-essential businesses closed. Gun stores may remain open. They’re all about out of guns. Due to “social distancing” and all ranges being closed, new shooters can’t get training. Ooops.

    • What, you can’t teach your neighbor in your back yard? I don’t see the social distancing issue here.

      • Kinda tough to adjust someone’s grip from six feet away. And contrary to popular misconception, most Cheeseheads don’t live on dairy farms; many probably barely have a back yard.

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