Quote of the day—Alex Gangitano

The Brady Bill, which Biden helped pass in 1998, implemented the modern background check system.

Alex Gangitano
March 13, 2020
Brady PAC endorses Biden, plans to spend $4 million in 2020
[That would be the same type of background check John Hopkins and UC Davis found had no impact on gunshot related deaths. And, in fact, no background check system can possibly work to make people safer.

But that doesn’t matter to them. It’s not, and has never been, about public safety. It’s about a backdoor registration scheme, ultimately confiscation, and control of the general population.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alex Gangitano

  1. Gun control legislation is not about gun safety or even control. It’s about adding heads to the government employee unions who contribute to the election campaigns of pliable politicians.

  2. I saw a bumper sticker today;

    “Protect children, not guns”

    As if it were one or the other…
    I wanted to cross out the “not” and replace it with “WITH”.

    False premises are an important tool of the left. Without false premises they’d have nothing. The Soviet Union for example had a slogan; “Stop colonial slavery”, referring to the freer countries of the West, particularly the United States. Displaying its hypocrisy as though they were proud of it, this was during the time of Soviet military expansionism.

    A popular and on-going, false premise is that if you love liberty you must therefore hate children (or care nothing for them). At its minimum of insanity (giving it the benefit of any doubt), it assumes that children never grow up, and thus never need or desire liberty.

    But of course this false premise is much worse than that. Your love of liberty also hurts minorities, and to believe that you must consider minorities incapable of handling liberty… You must have the underlying belief that they need to be coddled and spoon-fed by government all their lives, being unable to support themselves or to function at all in a free society.

    And so we come, once again, around to it; the Democratic Party is the Party of the Confederacy, of Eugenics (from which we get the institution of Planned Parenthood), and the KKK, and it is from THAT identity (its true identity today) that we first saw widespread “gun control” in the U.S. It was part of the so-called “Jim Crow Laws”. So yes; it is very much about control; control of minorities, and of the “lower classes”, etc.

    But it’s worse yet; all of the above false premises are only cover and pretext for the old Romish system of the Dark Ages, which is alive and well today.

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