No. It’s just the big lie thing again

Via American by Choice @Q_undivided:


There is a certain amount of truth to that. But it mostly applies to the useful idiots. The high level people know better. They will say anything they think will help them achieve power. It’s just the thing about telling a big lie often enough and people will believe it.


2 thoughts on “No. It’s just the big lie thing again

  1. “Accuse others of what you do” is of course one of the working fundamentals of the left. So much so that, if you hear them accuse anyone of anything, you can safely bet that it’s only because they’re doing it themselves.

    The American left may also have some deeply hurt feelings over the breakup of the Soviet Union which they always loved, defended and exalted. It’d be something like the break-up of The Beatles to an obsessive Beatles fan. You’d resent anyone who presumed to stand in their place.

    Rest assured though, all you Progressives out there; socialism didn’t die with the Soviet Union. It escaped. Socialism (and all it’s ideological cousins) is very much alive, seeking and infecting new victims all over the world. It’s an epidemic with which we should all* be concerned.

    *both those who want it to spread and those who want it eliminated.

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