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  1. Seriously? I applaud their effort. But, the Bill of Right IS a federal law that controls all government in every part of the United States of America. Where have these people been? The problem is it gets ignored. Just like the fact we already have 18USC. 241 & 242. NEVER been used. Not to any real extinct.
    You can rest assured that even talking about real solutions will get you thrown in jail. They got all kinds of laws. And the horror stories to back’em up.
    Laws are political solutions that peaceful societies live by. But law is enforced at the barrel of a gun.(That’s why all police carry them). To put the necessary human emotion of fear behind the law. Without that fear we no longer have a peaceful society. Because humans have NEVER been peaceful without it!
    Have none of these people ever read history? Studied human nature?
    MOLON LABE, indeed! Si vis pacem, parabellum!

  2. “Are Your RIGHTS Up for a VOTE?”

    Under the U.S. constitution? Well, some of us would like to say, “No”, but in fact, even according to the constitution, there is an amendment process in which anything can be voted in or voted out if enough people agree (or if there is sufficient corruption of the process).

    So, although the Declaration speaks of “unalienable rights”, the constitution makes it possible to alienate any or all rights, “legally”, by the book, under certain specified circumstances.

    Under a democracy? Absolutely, yes; there is nothing and no one that can’t be messed with. The only limitation to what a democracy can do is when there’s no one left alive to vote himself a free lunch at the expense of another.

    Under the Ten Commandments however, there are no exceptions, there is no amendment process, and it doesn’t matter what percentage of people hate it, or how the papacy tried to alter it; it remains in full effect in the original, then, now and forever. It was, literally, written in stone to drive the point home; it is unchangeable and eternal. The U.S. constitution is an amazingly good document, standing above and beyond most anything else made and instated by the mind of Man, but compared to the Decalogue it is a fetid piece of trash.

    And, by the way, surely, being learned men, the American framers must have known all of that.

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