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The federal government has lost its proper moorings to its founding document, and that the Framers of the Constitution would be horrified at much of what is even being debated in Washington, D.C. these days (quite apart from which side in the debate they might, upon reflection, endorse).

North Carolinians should take the lead in this important cause. We are (or used to be) “First in Freedom” for a very good reason. We used to be the cantankerous old coot at the constitutional garden party. It’s time we became him once more.

John Hood
March 9, 2020
Let’s spoil the garden party
[It really is a states issue to bring the Feds back in line with the Constitution. But it’s going to take more than one state to do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it requires a constitutional convention of the states. And that gets us into scary territory.

The second best approach I see is the sanctuary movement and related activities. Just look at what’s happening with legalization of marijuana. It’s still against Federal law but so many states are ignoring the Feds and businesses in those states are getting away with it. When will this start happening with suppressors, machine guns, 4473’s, and NICS checks? Or even W-2’s, 1099’s, and 1040s?—Joe]


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  1. In response to your second best approach, I can see the feds making it difficult through interstate commerce to obtain factory assembled firearms. One way around this would be 3D printed guns, and 80% lowers and the like.

  2. Similar topic, but relevant to state overreach – I see that West Virginia has offered a formal invitation to those Virginia counties and municipalities that want to secede from Virginia and join W. Virginia. The rub is that the Virginia legislature would have to approve of the split.

    • WV didn’t get permission from VA to leave to form their own state, why should the current pro-freedom counties need an ok to leave VA?

  3. The problem with anything to do with financials, 1099, W-2s, 1040s and such, is that the IRS doesn’t deal directly with us. Instead the deal with our employers. And if that doesn’t work, they deal with the banks. And the banks NEED to obey.

    I made a huge mistake after I divorced my first wife and ended up on the wrong side of the IRS. I thought I was Ok with them. I found out I wasn’t when I got a call from my bank just before my mortgage, electrical, phone, cell phone, and water payments bounced. Seems the IRS had sent a “He owes us money. Turn over all his money to us” letter to the bank. And the Bank had done so.

    (I also know of a business that got a call saying “We have a letter from the IRS we haven’t officially seen yet about you.” The business owner was down at the bank 10 minutes later and pulled all the money, redeposited it in a new checking account at a different bank and made payroll. If the IRS had pulled the money, which the letter would have done, about 100 employees would have missed their paychecks. This particular business really did need the wake up call. They got things taken care of, but the owner and his wife weren’t the ones affected, just the employees)

  4. It’s a moving target but about 15-20 states are themselves part of the anti-constitutional complex. That is to say almost that many are politically dominated by a big city full of leftists. Unless we separate ourselves from those cities, things are going to get worse and worse.

  5. There are State firearms freedom acts. A sanctuary movement of sorts.

    Which States have passed them? MT, WY, SD, AZ that I could find in 3 minutes.

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